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  1. Hi all! I am thinking about being able to have my clients to log-in to my website and to see the status of their project or other information related to each of them, which I will update regularly. The info should be confidential and available only to the right client, with others having no access to it. I hope they also will be able to print this info. I don't know how is this feature called. If I knew the name I would google it and also check if my website host supports this option. Would appreciate any help! Greycat
  2. Thanks, Caroline: I visited at their site, and it looks very promising. I will download it tomorrow and see how it works. Thanks a lot!
  3. Thank you. Yes, it would be great if I could do it. However, after reading I tried to select text (I didn't even know it was possible!) using Select Tool. The selected text turns blue, but ctr+C doesn't seem to work. When I open new Word document and paste, nothing happens. Actually, something is pasted, but it is what I previously copied from another Word document, and not the text from pdf document.
  4. Is there some way, preferrably free, of converting pdf files back to Word or text document? I am looking for being able to type info into forms, to copy and paste text (to e-mail message or to text document) and to edit it. I downloaded CutePDF Companion which allows for some manipulation with pages (but still not with text) in pdf files, but it is not enough. Besides, while I love using free CutePDF for creating pdf files, its free Companion brings with it a lot of pop-up ads.
  5. Let me know if you'd like to see one of them, and I'll send you one.] Thanks for offering. It would be great to see a sample card "in action" from the receiver side. If it is not much trouble for you: my e-mail is sym077@hotmail.com. Thanks!
  6. I am looking for Christmas or New Year e-mail greeting cards. Ideally, it would be something suitable for business clients, with nice animation and without advertising. Hopefully, for a reasonable price. Any ideas where I can get that?
  7. Where your client is located? If in Canada, I can help. Regards.
  8. I have Word 2003. I just tried what you said, still typing continues to be in English letters, not in one of Europian language letters. And it still shows those "EN" letters in a lower right conrner. Thanks for help, though.
  9. If I want from time to time to type a letter in MS Word in a language other than English, how do I swithch the keyboard language? I did it in my previous version of Word, but don't remember now how. It was something like pressing "Alt" or may be "Ctrl" or may be both and some more keys. And then a small blue rectangle in the lower right corner of the screen would change from "EN" to two first letters of another language. I spend a lot of time reading Word's Help, but didn't find it. I did change settings to add another language, but still don't know how to swithch to it from English. Will appreciate help! Thanks.
  10. Hmm... How should I go about applying 2%: to send them an invoice with 2% amount immediately after 30 days are over? Or may be to call first?
  11. Actually, it is not an individual, but rather a company with approximately 100 employees. I don't think PayPal will work here. I send them an invoice by mail and get my check by mail (after a couple of remindings, of course). Though I write on invoice "To be paid within 30 days", my last check I received on 48-th day. I do require 50% deposit from them before starting to work on a project, and they pay it immediately and send a check with a courier - probably because at that point they really need the project to be started right away. When you say 2% of interest - do you mean 2% per month? I never charged late fee payment, but am almost ready to start to do it. People seem to be quite comfortable taking their time to pay no matter what timing is stated on invoice. So, what should I do if I didn't get an invoice paid in time as stated on the invoice? To charge 2% of interest per month? What about late payment fee, say, $10-20 for each late invoice? Is it normal?
  12. Thanks, ladies. 8 hours accumulated over a period of 3 weeks. In terms of tracking I just write down hours on a sheet of paper. I will send him a bill and will see what happens. They always take soooo long to pay bills and I have to call to remind them every time, and even after my call it is another week or more passes before I finally get my check.
  13. I did a job for a client recently. After that he called few times and asked me to do some changes because his client keeps changing the project. My client is not paid by his client for changes, as it was a project-based fee for them. I work on hourly rate. Though each required change seemed to be a small one, all together they took 8 hours. It also took 6 or 7 deliveries by myself. My client obviously would prefer not to pay for those "small" and "insignificant" changes. Though during his third call he said that I have to track time and bill him, his voice was trembling. I am still going to bill him anyway, despite all his resistance. He probably will have difficulties remembering what it is exactly that I billed him for - there were one small change after another. I am curious, how you people handle continuous "small" changes. Also, if the job is small - how do you deliver it and all following small changes? I mean, if the client needs it ASAP, it costs $8-15 (canadian) to send it to him next day, which, when accumulated over the period, can be a significant part of the total project. I keep delivering myself, although it takes me an hour plus gas expences, and I don't bill him for that.
  14. Thanks a lot, Terry! I did asked for testimonial letter and received it. The only thing is that after a month of waiting for it I had to remind him again, and than he send it. Very nice testimonial, by the way, but I stil am not convinced that he really meant it rather than tried not to be rude and get rid of me bloodlessly and with grace... Yes, I will call him. He is a GREAT customer: always pays on time, knows what he wants, makes decisions fast, sticks to his promises.
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