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  1. Thank you Beth! I know what you mean about going back to the modules - I just finished the SMM course and I'm so glad to be able to go back & review! So much info to absorb but Craig's videos and examples are fabulous and so easy to follow! Jackie
  2. Hello all, I just started VAClassroom's Internet Marketing Specialist Training Program, and in Module 1 I'm learning to do an Online Competitive Analysis for a potential client. It's overwhelming the time that needs to be put into one of these, but interesting and I was just wondering if there were currently any Internet Marketing VA's out there who offer this as a service, and if so, as a guesstimate, how many hours do you attach to the service and what price do you quote? Thanks very much in advance! Jackie Finch VIRTUAL EXCELLENCE PRO
  3. Thanks for the info.! It looks as if VACertification no longers exists so I have joined the mailing list for VACertified at your suggestion! Appreciate the help! Jackie Finch
  4. Thank you for the update! I thought that was probably the case.....
  5. Hello, Does anyone happen to know whether or not VACertification.com is still in business? I've tried several times but receiving an error. Thank you very much, Jackie Finch VIRTUAL EXCELLENCE
  6. Hello everyone My name is Jackie Finch and I am the owner of Virtual Excellence in Everett, WA. I launched my virtual assistant practice in March 2009 from 25+ years of office administration and executive level administrative experience. I look forward to getting to know you and sharing ideas, as well as supporting one another! Wishing you all the greatest success! Jackie Finch VIRTUAL EXCELLENCE www.virtualexcellencepro.com 425-501-4226 jackie@virtualexcellencepro.com
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