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  1. Hi. I've been working with a huge client for over a year now (I used to work with them as a full-time legal secretary so they know me very well). I have a good problem: They are giving me so much work that I need to hire someone part-time. In fact, they've given me permission to outsource their work. I am very picky and so are they. I have an excellent ASP platform that I use that allows the files to be transferred directly into the person's computer (very secure). My other problem is I need to increase my rate. I spoke with the manager and she said give her a cost comparison so that she knows what the competitive rate is for a Legal VA. I have specialized skills and have been doing legal secretary work for over 20 years. They also love my work. However, how do I give them a "comparison rate"? Does that mean give them a list of other companies that hire legal va's? How do I go about this? I'm going to post this in another section as well. Thanks. My business is exploding - I love it!
  2. Could someone please tell me why I can't access VAInsider Track? I paid $997 for the course
  3. Hi. Thank you so much. I've read each of their profiles. Now I'm not sure which to pick!
  4. Hi. My name is Shalisha and I live in New York City. I am currently working from home as a VA. I didn't know that that is what it is called, I only knew I wanted to be my own boss. I've been a legal secretary for over 20 years and took those skills as a legal transcriptionist and decided to work from home. I need a coach who is very successful in her own VA business is affordable, and compatible. I need direction, a business plan and help in launching my business. Any suggestions? Shalisha Imaginative Writers
  5. DM me w/ your phone number, etc. Got some ideas for you. Hi. I actually found one. I'll be working with Suzanne Evans directly. I'm totally excited! But we can still exchange numbers if you like!
  6. Hi. My name is Shalisha and I'm from New York City! I just joined VAnetworking and I look forward to learning a lot from you all. The name of my VA business is called Imaginative Writers (http://www.Imaginative-Writers.com). It's actually a legal transcription company and article writing company combined. I have over 20 years legal secretarial experience and have written over 100s of articles that have been published, so I decided to start my own VA company utilizing my skills. I hated working in Corporate America and now that I know I can work from home, I will never go back. I am new to owning a business and being a VA. But I have one major client, which is a law firm I used to work for as a full-time employee. I have a lot to learn and I'm looking for a mentor/coach to help me grow my business into a 6-figure income. Any experienced VAs up for it? Warm Regards, Shalisha Alston CEO Imaginative Writers
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