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  1. Maybe we can meet somewhere in the middle. Susan
  2. I'm in Newbury, NH, about 2 hours from Worcester and would love to get together. Susan
  3. I would love to get together. I'm in Newbury, just outside of New London Susan
  4. I live in Newbury, NH, near Lake Sunapee. I would love to get together sometime. Susan Bedard
  5. Michelle, Thanks for the encouragement. You're right! Lots of information. Susan
  6. Nice to "meet" you Paula. What is your specialty?
  7. Hello, My name is Susan Bedard. I live in Newbury, NH, near Lake Sunapee, having relocated here in 2006 for a more quiet, laid back way of life. My husband Michael works full time in the IT field. I practiced Real Estate full time on Cape Cod for 30 years and took a position as a sales director for a new community of homes close to Dartmout College when I moved to NH. Well, we all know what happened with the Real Estate Market!! I was laid off in December and have been wracking my brain for ideas on what I want to do to utilize all my skills. Hence, Virtual Assistant. My time with my 2 grandchildren, Benjamin and Alexandra, is important to me and I look forward to the opportunity to set my own hours and work from home, which I've done for many years. I'm extremetly detailed, organized, have excellent customer service skills and have the ability to multi-task. I am also open to suggestions in addition to Real estate to grow my business but I want to start small and grow. I am still in the process of developing a business name, logo and web site but again, am willing to listen to suggestions. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you
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