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  1. I have used Quicken for personal clients and quickbooks for corporate clients. For personal clients, I use their online banking through quicken, then there is no need to print anything. I label the bills as paid and file them away. At the end of the year, they get the hard copy of their bills. I access their data through logmein. For business clients, I also use online banking most of the time. For clients who prefer paper, I get a stack of checks from them, pay the bills, print the checks, and send to client for signing and mailing. Hope that helps. Janine
  2. Its funny, for my business clients, I keep the extra stub and staple to the front of the paid bill. Do I need to - NO But I have the stub so why not. For my personal clients, I pay their bills online and dont have stubs so I just write Date Paid, Amount Paid, and "Check number"/transaction number. I guess I just hate to give up my old ways. Janine Raj
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