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  1. Hi Everyone, There has been some Tweets about a possible meet-up on Vancouver Island and Tawyna we suggested we do a forum posts to see what can be arranged. We have a number of VA's that I know personally in the Victoria area, and I would love the opportunity to meet more in person. If we can get a date that works, we may even be able to convince Tawyna to fly over for the day to join us. If you're on Vancouver Island, especially in the Victoria area - do a quick reply and let me if you're interested. Cheers! Christina OBM, VAClassroom.com
  2. Thanks - it's nice to be welcomed!! I'm curious about the different tags under each persons name, ie. Supreme God/dess (I'm sure it's explained somewhere, but I haven't run across it yet) - what do they mean or refer to? Thanks, Christina
  3. Hello everyone, I've been working as a VA for well over a year and recently started my official company 'Online Office Assistants' (http://www.officeassist.ca) - which has been working great!! It's hard to find the time with clients, kids, animals, spouses, etc to do anything for your own company sometimes, hence the reason I just signed up to this site. I'm looking forward to using this site and hearning what everyone "out there" has to say. Cheers! Christina
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