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  1. NAMMB Announces Launch of Multicultural and Minority Organization... (Miami, FL) - Monday, December 20, 2004 was the launch date of a new online community: National Association of Multicultural and Minority Business. Co-founders Stacey Shaw Virgo and Sasha Rodriguez are both minority entrepreneurs offering resources to fill the gap that currently exists for other business owners. What's innovative about this organization? With the exception of the annual conference, all of the networking during the year is online, making it easy for members to find resources, connect with one another and receive education when it's convenient. "Our primary objective is to assist in building better working relationships for multicultural minorities, including assistance with small business development; the education and empowerment of minorities on an international scale; and the strengthening of multicultural communities for individuals who want to put their goals into action," says Shaw Virgo. Rodriguez added, "NAMMB serves as a channel and creates a forum for the young, entrepreneurs, middle managers, small businesses, corporations, educational institutions and government agencies to explore and network with their peers, mentors and industry leaders." Memberships range from Free to $225 for Lifetime Members. Get acquainted with this organization - it's setting the standard for a new era of equality. They're on the World Wide Web: http://www.nammb.com
  2. Hi Everyone, I have co-founded a new organization, National Association of Multicultural and Minority Business (NAMMB), that will bring bountiful resources and assistance to multicultural and minority owned businesses. We have a FREE Informational Teleconference on October 29th and I would like to invite all of you to join us in our Launch Teleconference call. We will talk about the resources and benefits of NAMMB, and how this new organization will assist you in creating lasting alliances that generate revenue while providing a support portal for minority and multicultural businesses. ------------------------------------------- NAMMB LAUNCH: History in the Making October 29th will be marked as the first day of NAMMB's Grand Opening, and to mark the occasion we have decided to Launch with a Celebration. We've placed a lot of hard work into this site and organization and we want you to celebrate with us as you too will benefit from all that NAMMB has to offer. We will hold an informational teleconference to talk about NAMMB and what we have to offer, we will then raffle a $50 Gift Card to any Marriott Hotel for one lucky attendee. Sign up for the teleconference by sending a blank email to: nammblaunch@nammb.com. You will receive the phone number and pin of the teleconference event within minutes. We hope to see you at the Launch Celebration to Network and enter yourself for a chance at a $50 Gift Card to Marriott Hotels.
  3. Hi Everyone, It's that time again - Registration for My e-Course.com is in full force and we have created a new section called Mini-Workshops for those of you interested in teaching courses that are less than 6 weeks in length. If you’re interested in a teaching opportunity please feel free to visit us at: http://www.my-ecourse.com and apply for a teaching position. The new semester begins September 7 and here are some of the new courses we've added are: - Creating Flash Using Swish 2.01 - JavaScript 101 - Real Estate Investment 101 - Guaranteed Success with E-mail Marketing - Teleconferencing - Instructional Television - Video Base Design and Delivery - Dreamweaver MX 101 - Planning for Success - Creating Your Business Plan And many more... I look forward to seeing you in the September 7 semester. Please feel free to contact me at: sasha_r@my-ecourse.com should you have any further questions. Sincerely, Sasha R. Rodriguez , President Virtual Assistant Source "Quality Offsite Administrative and Website Design Services!" http://www.virtualassistantsource.com Affordable Education a click away! http://www.my-ecourse.com
  4. Jennifer, Sometimes spending money on marketing is more of an investment disaster for this industry than not spending money. There are many ways to market yourself without spending much. Participating in network forums is one great way to find clients, they may just be those people you have continuous conversations with. There are some great networking sites including VANF, you can also visit: Ryze - http://www.ryze.com Refernet - http://www.refernet.net Ecademy - http://www.ecademy.com IVWCC - http://www.ivwcc.org Those are just a few of the many that exist. Definitely do a google search and find the many that are out there besides the ones I named. Another place to find potential clients is locally by contacting your chamber. See if you can volunteer some time with them and they in turn may allow you to market to other chamber members. Well, hope this helps to get you on your way to finding clients. Thanks,
  5. Sorry for the late Congrats - I'm only now getting a chance to go through my networking boards to be of help to everyone. Congrats Lori!!!
  6. Hi Donna, Welcome to the Forum ...What services will you be providing in your new business? I would like to know more about it. Thanks,
  7. I definitely agree with VistaPrint as a starting point for low budget, great quality business cards. Thanks,
  8. Hi Everyone, I wanted to let everyone know that My e-Course.com is open for registrations; the new semester begins July 12, 2004. In the course of two weeks we have added approximately 12 new courses. They range from Business Courses such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) The Write Way to Transcription Courses such as Intro to Medical Transcription. Courses are monitored by instructors and instructor feedback and assistance will be offered throughout the length of the course. This is a new endeavor for Virtual Assistant Source and I encourage you to visit us and let us know what you think of the site and the courses that are being offered. You can visit us at: http://www.my-ecourse.com Also, we are still looking for instructors to teach a variety of courses. If you’re interested in teaching a course that is not already offered, please visit: http://www.my-ecourse.com/InstructorGuidelines.htm and you can apply online to become an e-Course instructor. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. Thank you,
  9. Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...Birthday To You - Wooo! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAWNYA!!!
  10. Everyone have a great holiday - both Canadians and U.S. Citizens alike - So everyone Live Laugh And Love!! Have a Great Weekend!!!
  11. Jaime, Welcome to the Group - we're all great and whatever questions you have please ask, we're here to help. Thanks,
  12. Congrats to your new appointment as an Aunt - must be awesome. And please also congratulate your sister as well.
  13. Hi Tawnya, His site is down because of lack of following directions. He was made aware that we were changing hosts and he was to change his nameservers to our new hosts. He has not done so, and I don't have any login information for his registrar since he had that domain name prior to working with me. I've tried reminding him by sending him messages and he has not responded. While he's no longer my client due to non-payment, his website was not taken down by me since it was paid in full. He just has not made the transition and his site has no active host at the moment. Thanks,
  14. Hi Alvina, If you can afford to have someone do the SEOing (if that's even a word) for you, I definitely recommend Tawnya. She provided her SEO services for one of my clients and I must say the services were awesome. My client was very happy and I learned a lot from her. Hope this helps,
  15. Becki, Same here, whenever I pay for something out of pocket for a client that he can not pay with his credit card, I do add that paypal fee since I need to be reimbursed for the total amount I spent for his project. However, he is being made aware of this prior to any transaction so there are no surprises. That's one of the main rules to keep in mind, let your client know what is going on so it doesn't catch them by surprise. Thanks,
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