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  1. I would like to use QuickBooks for my business, but my credit union only downloads to Quicken. Is it a simple process to download to an excel sheet and then upload the excel sheet into QuickBooks or would I be saving myself a headache if I stayed with Quicken? Thank you.
  2. Hi, I don't have much experience with Quickbooks and one of my clients just switched, so I need some help. 1. She converted her accounts from Quicken to Quickbooks and on one of them, it stopped in October and didn't convert Nov or Dec. All the other accounts converted the whole year. What could have caused the missing months? 2. When I go to her account list to make some inactive, I am going one by one and clicking them individually to make the change. I tried to "grab" more than one at a time by using ctrl or shift, but it doesn't work. Is there a way to "grab" multiple items from a list? 3. Is there a way to set up two different charts of accounts, one for business and one for personal? She has everything in one and it makes the list so long. I would really like to separate the accounts. 4. Is there a need to separate by 'class' vs 'file'? Thanks so much.
  3. I am in the beginning stages of my new business and one of my new clients is asking me whether or not she should switch from Quicken to Quickbooks for her business. I have read many forums stating that Quickbooks is much easier to work with. Does anyone have an opinion? Also, she is about a year behind in her data entries so one of the jobs I am doing for her is inputting the information. If she decides to switch from Quicken to Quickbooks, would it be easier to make the switch before spending time on all of the entries? Thank you.
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