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  1. Hi everyone, I understand the following is going to be #VASES11 that is what is used in the class situation
  2. Hi Linda, One way you can deal with the use of photos is to create something in Gimp or simply use an avatar that way you are not using your real photo - hope that helps?
  3. That is great Linda, are you working on a profile picture? Looking forward to seeing one
  4. Thank you, thank you Kathy, off to attend to my admin
  5. Facebook page name is: http://www.facebook.com/MIMVA Followers/likers 91 done my twitter homework as well: @mimvabiz thanks to the two new twitter followers this morning during the webinar that was wonderful Have a great day in the meantime
  6. I am looking forward to the next class myself. Ready and waiting as it happens
  7. Hi ladies, I agree with Kathy it is difficult to work out how many is too many friends to connect with. I think when you first start it is easy to want to go into a frenzy which is clearly unwise
  8. Hi ladies, I have connected with Tawnya however not sure what your facebook personal profile is though Linda? Mine is http://www.facebook.com/michele.flynn8 hope you are well!
  9. My name is Michele Flynn. I would love, love, love to win this M90Z touch screen PC for your home-based business because it rocks, Tawnya has raved on about it, if you check out the specifications they are AMAZING, I love amazing technology and feel that it would be a perfect fit for my business and obviously would give it a wonderful boost and I could be always so happy working with such a magnificent piece of computer simply by being able to enter this competition, it all makes so much sense to me.
  10. Hi everyone, including Amanda, so this is where you guys hang out? Great information here, looks like I will become addicted immediately!
  11. Absolutely Dana, I agree you are running a business and providing a service, hence you must be paid. It is quite poor when clients/customers feel they have the *right* not to pay. Michele
  12. That is great to know Dana make sure you all have a great time. I look forward to the updates and YouTube access. Michele Flynn Anti-chaos Technician
  13. that is great news! You may not have heard of Virtual Assistant Forums then? Until you have the funds to join VAInsiders check out that forum; after you search this forum for comments...good luck,
  14. I find this topic interesting and intriguing. For instance how do you decide if you are actually 'virtual' especially if you work with a multi-VA at their location on occasion and from home 'virtually' most of the time. To complicate matters I also work virtually for another VA however I have met her when she dropped off a mobile phone for me to answer - this was later posted back though. And to add to my first point one multi-VA I work with has recently moved from their 'home office location' to a leased office premises; now does this make them 'virtual' or more like a 'face-to-face' business? Just my two-cents worth Michele Flynn MIM Enterprises
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