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  1. Hi Tawnya, I just want to say, as one of the people in the first class of the VES Certification I LOVED the class, received everything and more than I expected out of the class and my networking while in the class has proven to be INVALUABLE! Anyone who loves to be on the cutting edge of anything technological will find this class is providing it all! I recommend it to anyone serious about being in the Virtual Event field. If you are trying to figure out where to best invest your budget... after VANetworking this class will be THE BEST investment you ever made in yourself!
  2. Hi Tawnya, I was hoping for January to kick start my business for the new year with great networking and information, but I wasn't thinking of the weather aspect of attending in Vancouver at that time of the year! Are you going to include any "virtual" aspects of the conference for those who want to attend, but it may not be feasible? It would be great to have access to some of the workshop classes virtually. I would rather attend in person if I can, especially since it's been a while since I have been "home", but it I can't make it, I would sure like to know I still will have access to what I am sure is going to be FANTASTIC information and networking.
  3. Thanks Sherra, I get down to Columbia once in a while to hit the Base down there. Nice town. I hope you are doing well with your business. Are you finding other people from SC to network with? Shannon
  4. I was introduced to TimeDriver through booking an appointment with someone and I have now signed up for it! It's fabulous, easy to use and works great. Takes some setting up as does any schedule, but what a neat tool! Free Trial! Shannon
  5. Staisha, That's a tough one! I think she should play off of the VA and Virtue.... something like a Virtual Assistant Virtuoso? Not sure what she is looking to portray with her tag line... Does she want it to say what she does? Does she want it to be serious or funny? Something more serious is handling your VA needs by Design? Just throwing something out to get you started.... Good luck! Shannon
  6. Hi Robin, Good blog and good luck with the MS Office. I was able to get a beta copy of MS Office 2010 and it's great! You should add that to your "to do" list. If you need any help with the Power Point, let me know. I love working with it to put together slide shows. I am always learning too. If you figure out the blogroll, let me know! It looks like a great tool. Looks like you are on your way! Shannon
  7. Welcome Julie and good luck with your new venture. This is surely not a "get rich Quick" business. You truly have to love what you do, so it sounds like you are off to a good start! I hope I see you around the forums!
  8. Pat, Good luck with this. I know it can be discouraging to get into these situations. With so many people online it is going to be tough not to have people with the same ideas as we do. I hope you get this worked out soon. I will be keeping a close eye on this discussion as we never know when it could happen to us. Thank-you for sharing so we can all learn from this discussion.
  9. Hi Tina, Welcome, You will love the VAClassroom Classes! I took the Virtual Event Specialist class and am working to build my business as a Virtual Event Specialist now. Sounds like you have great experiences to build your business from. I love working on volunteer opportunities that not only help others, but that I can learn a few things from also. Good luck! Shannon Holloway
  10. Hi Barbara and welcome! I wish you success!
  11. Hi Mindy, Good luck with getting started. It is definitely not an easy thing. I looked around at internet resources and started on my own, but then quickly found how frustrating it can be to try to put it all together myself! I wound up doing the best thing possible, not only to get help with my website, get business advice and tools, but just to keep me motivated was hiring a business coach. It's some bucks to lay out along with all the other things you have to do to get started but she also showed me ways to save on some major expenses, like a website. Read all you can here, but the books they have to offer, the business plan, all that you can afford and attend classes like VAClassrooms has to learn the updated internet skills clients are looking for and then sit back and wait! My business coach says it can take up to 6 months to get clients. 4 hours of marketing a day might get you there! Having had over 15 years experience in the work force, I thought this would be a breeze, but it is certainly not and it's not a "get Rich Quick" scheme! haha! Good luck and all the best of business success to you!
  12. That's so great! Congrats Gayle! I am so excited for you! I am getting ready to launch my PR next! You are a good inspiration for me! Thanks for sharing! Shannon Holloway MyTechMeetings
  13. A virtual event is an audio or video event held online such as a teleseminar, webinar, conference, weekly live stream event (such as UstreamTV) or a weekly live talk radio show (such as www.BlogTalkRadio). You conduct one of these events to get information out about your company or product, give instructions on how to use a new program or products, or to bring in one or more experts in different fields relating to your business to help establish yourself as a industry expert. Today we focus on using a Teleseminar to increase your client base, gain more leads or drive traffic to your website. We all know that you have to have a website to gain internet business and that you need that website ranked high in order to drive more traffic to your site. What you might not know in this “payperclick” era is that there is a way you can do this for little to no cost. You can use the latest technology of a tele-seminar. You can set one up at www.Freeconferencecalling.com. You will get a PIN number, a conference number and a host code. They have a lot of great features and can hold up to 100 people on the line at once. Your guests call in, enter their PIN number at the specified date and time that you pre-arrange and Voila! You have a teleseminar. You can do this yourself pretty easily or hire someone to help you out with it as things get a little busy during the conference, especially if you are the host and the technology person. You can even get a recording of your call here. Once you conducted your teleseminar there are now several ways you can repurpose that material. The first thing is to convert that audio recording to a web link and get it up on your website. This does a couple of things: 1. It adds audio to your website and increases the people stopping at your site so they can check it out. 2. Establishes you as someone who is on the cutting edge of things and stays on top of the latest technology. 3. It gets your information out to people who are audio learners. 4. It educates people who are more audio learners than visual learners. 5. (Most Important!) It gives you materials to have transcribed so that you now have weekly blog or article submission information that you don’t have to keep repeating this information to others. 6. You can convert this recording to a CD or MP3 player for distribution about your product, company or ideas either for free or for a small fee at events such as live conferencing or to hand out as your business card. 7. You can use your audio recordings with a Power Point Presentation and convert it to video for further site submissions, driving traffic, generating leads, getting out information or setting yourself as an industry leader. When you host your tele-seminar, you can have people sign up on your web page before the event in order to generate leads, or you can offer your recording to people who sign up for it. This drives traffic and generates leads. With the recordings you won’t have to keep repeating the same information to others, they can listen to the recordings at their pace and time. You can have more than one guest on your teleconference at a time in order to answer questions about different parts of your industry to your client. This will save on costs if you can split the cost of the event with the other guest speakers. You can do all this on your own, but make sure you establish your goals and objectives before you begin. If you need help with learning the technology or just want to save time and money, hire a Virtual Event Specialist. This is a growing field in this newest marketing trend. Good luck and Many Happy Returns! Shannon Holloway MyTechMeetings
  14. Writing articles, blogging, Email promotions, In-store Only promotions, etc.; and more! I heard you should write 4 or more articles (400 words), pertaining to your target market needs, on a daily basis and get them in the article directories; that get them to your landing page or site and invites them into your business. Hopefully your business is in a somewhat convenient location. best wishes, Donna Donna, try having a teleseminar about what sets you apart or giving information on what you do. This will give you materials for blogs and articles online that help drive traffic to your website. I am posting information, or you can check out my website if you need some help. The more you have your information out in various formats the better. You can post your teleseminar on your website and turn that teleseminar into a video using powerpoint and submit it to the various video sites for helping to increase your traffic. Good luch with your business, Shannon Holloway MyTechMeetings
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