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  1. This is a bit overdue and I'm really sorry. I had family health problems and still do. I tweaked both resumes and I think I did a very good job. Yianni , is in Australia now and is working. This makes me happy and his wife will be soon joining him. I want to THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR ASSISTANCE !!!!
  2. I haven't been at this forum for a while. I do know as a fact the LinkedIn group is very active, I always read what they post. It's very informative.
  3. Hello, I have a suggestion for you. Try OSCommerce, my husband used this to create websites, I believe it's free. I'm not sure.
  4. Hi Paulette, I use dropbox , freshbooks,Zoho, teambox, skype , yahoo messenger, facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Just to name a few
  5. Hello , I also use freshbooks for invoicing and time tracking as well. It's very easy to use. It's compatible with Zoho and Teambox.
  6. I have used a mentor and SCORE and both were very helpful. The people at SCORE are very polite , kind, and always answer all your questions.Another way you can receive help is to network on forums. Try to offer what you know as services and you will find your niche. I wish you all the best. Cindy has some tutorials on youtube , I have watched them , they're GREAT !!!!
  7. Thanks , My interview went well, I'm working as we speak and she's from NY , so I'm happy !!
  8. I just found out how Evernote works , it's cool and easy to use !!!
  9. @ Josie,I also just landed my first VA job I'm so excited. I found my job from a forum, so being active on forums really helps In just a week , I'm learning, dropbox, zoho, freshbooks, lastpass and I'm writing articles. Good Luck to You !! @Paulette your from Astoria ,I'm from Jamaica, Queens. Thanks Mak. I just signed up to peopleperhour a couple of days ago and I my first was accepted. I'm looking forward to working to working with my new soon to be client, I just need to get more information about their business first. I also looked into Google Castingwords since I have experience in transcription.
  10. I just landed my first job from another forum. Forums are a great place to start. You must be active on them.
  11. Oh, Silly little me I just saw my huge typo I wrote rockets instead of Rockettes , oh,God I'm going to bury my head in the sand !
  12. Great Article Paulette, Thank you. It's awsome that we are being recognized like this and by other means as well. EXCELLENT ARTICLE !!!
  13. The interview went well I just received my test article and if I pass ,they will hire me. Now, I'm very nervous. What do I need to do legally ? I will sign a contract, any suggestions ,please let me know.
  14. Thanks !! I'm going to do that right now !! I'm a bit nervous. she wants me to write articles.
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