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    I have varied interests from photography, drawing, illustrating, etc. which has sort of led me into utilizing the computer for much of this.
  1. Hi Everyone, While I have experience in online article writing and had an amazing brief stint in editing for a children's science blog, I find myself back in school completing my A.A.S. in Accounting. However, I really like the idea of soliciting my services to better companies after realizing I could pitch to private transcription VA clients. Will large companies hire those with a non-related degree, particularly, an associates degree? Or do you need a minimum of a bachelor's degree in any related (or non-related) field to be a transcription VA for such as mid-sized to large entities such as news reuters or credit card companies? Thanks, Yvette
  2. Hi Tawnya, I've been a member of VA Networking since August 2011. Though, I've been an inactive member of VA Insider's Club for many years. I plan to re-join again once I receive my A.A.S. degree in accounting. Yay! Finally, took the plunge! :-) Does anybody know of any award winning Infusionsoft courses on the Internet? I'm looking for a few ideas for exceptional Infusionsoft courses being offered on the Web. But I haven't found anyone who is really good who interests me. Happy Holiday Season, Everyone! :-) Yvette B.
  3. Thank you everyone! It's wonderful to feel so welcome here! It seems there's everything I need right here and I won't need to go much further to look for anything. Yes, Sasha, I got the forms and found them VERY informative! I really appreciate it! The help abounding here is awesome. I think I'm home. click click Again, thanks! Yvette
  4. Hi everyone! Got the contracts! Thanks, Sasha. Really appreciate it. Yvette
  5. Hi Naomi, Lori and Sasha! Glad to be here! I entered into the profile what I could figure out. I thought my corner of the forum world looked a little sparse. I introduced myself in the introduction part of the forum. I really appreciate your responses to my requests. It was the information you included I had no idea about. I feel like a 5 year old in college. It's really awesome to see everyone jump in and help. I wish I had more to offer everyone here, but being new to this, all I have is an occasional humorous quip, which hopefully would elicit smiles and perk up everyone's day. Sasha, thanks for the offer. I will be emailing you right after I finish this entry. I just wanted to thank you for your input and contribution to the successful launching of my business. And Naomi, I'll print out your response so I can refer to it. I had no idea some contracts were copyrighted. That's really nice to know information. The problem is, if you compose a contract and put it out there, how do you know if someone else has already copyrighted the information? I realize in most, if not all, states, ignorance is no excuse, but it seems like an impossible task to ensure that you're safe in that area. I'm in the same boat as you: an attorney is a little ways down the road yet. Financing is key here and with my business not quite up and running as of yet, everything I have is going into the actual capital portion of it. Do you have a reference I can look into for the 21 point IRS deal? Again, nice to know information. Lori, thanks for referring me to Sasha. Every little bit helps while I flop around gasping for air. Again, thanks! Yvette
  6. My name is Yvette. I stumbled onto Virtual Assisting as an alternative to "at home typing". Honestly, I knew nothing about what a VA was. The more research I did, the more it intrigued me and propelled me to launch my own business. I've been spending this time surfing the internet and investigating what being a VA entails. I must admit it is a bit overwhelming and certainly impressive. I've been in administrative and office management for the last 15 years, most recently with an engineering firm. Office management is a relatively skilled-oriented career and certainly carries with it the burden of much responsibility. But managing an office within a firm/company is actually simpler than attempting to launch a business with the same responsibility. At least while working for someone else, everything I needed was right there. It was just a matter of locating it or putting in a purchase request if I needed it. On the other hand, operating as a VA, I've found that organization seems to be eluding me. The big things are handleable. It's the little things that are driving me nuts. Then there's learning the law within my state, retraining myself on software that I either haven't used in awhile, or training myself on software I haven't used at all. It's all actually quite overwhelming but in and of itself, very exciting. My business is not up and running yet (still scrambling for the little things) but I'm optimistic in its success. I don't have a web page but I'm tinkering around to see what I can come up with. My idea here is to sort of pick at everyone's brain to see what I might be missing in this business, what I should know, and the common pitfalls that come with being a VA. I'm now in the process of filling out all the required forms to register the company name with the state for acquisition of a sales tax permit so I can pay them everything I make. Now after investigating with my State Comptroller's Office, it was stated that data processing services (which included graphic design and word processing) are taxable services, while the actual act of sitting in front of the computer performing the act of entering data is not taxable, I'm finding that confusion is ensuing as to what exactly I'm supposed to be taxed on and how to charge clients (this sort of impressed me as an oxymoron statement). I am grateful for a site such as this to refer to with questions and more than likely the answers already being here. By the way, the name of my business is Yve Petty's Virtual Services--located in San Antonio, Texas. When I get a website up, I will certainly update my profile and add in my web address. As for uploading an image of me, I have none except a pic my father took of me hugging a porch post.......don't ask--one of my better days. I'm still trying to figure out all of the buttons to enter in all of your profile information. I got the email button figured out, but the rest I thought best to ask. I got images of pushing one of them and my screen fills up with a face looking me straight in the eye, stating, "Yvette, that was the nuclear button". It's really great to be a part of the forum. I look forward to forum-ing with all of you!
  7. Hi, everyone. Just starting out in this business and am clueless as to what types of contracts to use and what to put in them. Have searched relentlessly for any sort of template and have failed to turn up samples. Read past forum on contracts but nothing downloadable. Any suggestions? Would be a great help!!
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