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  1. Cynthia, First, welcome to VANA -- a little late, I'm afraid! I've been in your same position (and still think I am at times). I learned early on that the more specific your question, the better answer you may get. I know a little about a lot of things, but I'm no expert on anything; therefore, I hestiate to post replies to any questions. Of course, saying, "Hello. Welcome to VANA." doesn't take expertise of any kind! You've probably found that there's a wealth of information to glean from this site and from the members (especially the pool of VA Insiders). Just remember that they do have their own businesses and you have to train yourself to not pop on here and check the posts every five minutes! I'm sure what I've said is repeated throughout this post, but I did want to take the opportunity to welcome you to VANA. Take everyone's advice and network. It's said that this is the best way to not only get to know people but to drum up business! Good luck in your business, and I look forward to seeing you around here! Tena
  2. That's how a wedding reception should always begin! What a wonderful idea and you can tell they had a lot of fun!!! Tena
  3. Brent, There are no words that will take away or ease the pain you're experiencing now. But know that you're among friends here at VANA and we are here for you if you need us. I know this is coming from a perfect stranger thousands of miles away, but you're in my thoughts nevertheless. "Sunny days seem to hurt the most...the only thing that gives me hope, is that I'll see you again someday." -- Kenny Chesney Tena
  4. Hello! I have an opportunity to be trained on Plone. I've been to the website and looked around in order to get a feel for what I'll be working with. I'm simply curious if anyone out there has used Plone. What do you think of it? What are your thoughts? Is it widely used among a certain group of "people"? Thank you in advance for you opinions!! Tena
  5. Sally, Thank you so much for letting us know about this. If you hear anything further, will you let us know? Also, if there's anything I can assist with, please feel free to contact me. Patty, you and your family are in my thoughts. Tena
  6. All of the study participants were in their 20s. I think we should volunteer for a study of those older than that!! Does chocolate have the same effect on us? I think a study really should be done!! Tena
  7. Darrell, I occasionally get the same message. I hit "refresh" or go back a few pages and eventually it "goes away." I know this doesn't answer your question, but its a Band-Aid fix. Tena
  8. http://computing.net/office/wwwboard/forum/3046.html I found this thread on highlighting duplicate entires in an Excel spreadsheet. Try following the sugestions a few posts in ("Advanced Filters" I believe). No matter what, good luck in getting your spreadsheet done, but always feel free to ask to for assistance!! Tena
  9. Well, I am soooooo glad Tawnya started this thread. I've had my Treo 650 a few months and know I haven't been using it to its fullest capacity either. You all have been mentioning pretty cool software and ideas. In addition, you've been talking about syncing with Outlook, Google, and Yahoo. Kylie mentioned she has a MacBook, but I don't use Exchange, so if any of you who have a MacBook and a Treo and sync them, do you have any issues? What mail program are you using? Keep up the suggestions everyone! I love seeing what everyone can do with their Treos and what interesting applications are out there. As Terry said in one of her posts (and I'll reiterate), I know I'm not using it to it's fullest capacity, and that was the who reason I bought it so I could sync with my laptop plus have all the bells and whistles I had with my other cell phone (e.g., ringtones for individuals). Tawnya, thank you for purchasing your Treo and starting this thread!! Arnie, I'm really sorry that you won't be seeing Tawyna for a while, but Candy said it best..."Suck it up, dude!" Tena
  10. Jennifer, Congratulations! Your blog is great! I'm looking forward to listening to the podcasts and reading more of your blog(s)! Tena
  11. Tawnya, What a wonderful poem! You can tell you wrote it from the heart. As Terry said, I don't know Danielle, but I wish her a happy birthday!! Tena
  12. Terry, CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is well deserved indeed! Tena P.S. Did someone say the word "drinks"?
  13. Karrie and Family, What a beautiful (can I say that about a boy?) baby!! Congratulations to you, your husband, and son!!! Tena
  14. Welcome to VANA! You've found a great community for VAs. Don't hesitate to ask questions, read old posts, and as Patty mentions above, clicking the link in the signature block. Hope you have fun while you're here! Tena
  15. Leanne, Congratulations! Tena
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