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  1. Pam, This is awesome! CONGRATULATIONS!! Tena
  2. Monica, Good question! If they aren't done again, I wonder if a podcast or something could be done (or something similar)? Tena
  3. Hello, Stephanie! I remember your moniker from before, but I may not have said hello pre-disaster! What part of the Buckeye state are you in? While I live in Michigan (no, I'm NOT a Wolverine fan!), my family is from south of Columbus. I also know there are a few other VAs on VANA who reside in the Buckeye state, and I'm sure they'll be on here in the near future! I'm sure you're familiar with the layout of the land, so you'll know to ask questions! Tena
  4. Paula, I figure if we're going to make a impression, then it should be one that they remember!! I'm not sure EVERYONE remembers me, but I'm sure I made an impression (good or bad, it doesn't really matter) on some folks! My laugh is me ... so you have to take me like I am. I'm glad you had an interesting conversation with Sylvester. From the pieces of conversation I did hear, he sounds like an interesting man ... very enterprising. And he truly LOVES Buster! Keep in touch! Tena
  5. Congratulations, Patty! You're becoming the all-around VAN Volunteer/Moderator!! Keep up the good work! Tena
  6. Cool site! I have added it to my favorites, too. Unfortunately, I can't sign up to be notified of new events because it gives me an error that I have a potentially "fake" email address (tena@idealtena.com). Go figure!! I'll keep trying! Tena
  7. Paula, I will agree wholeheartedly with you that going to the conference has changed my outlook on my business and what I need to do going forward! I'll be the first to admit that I hit a slump over the summer and haven't been able to pick myself up and get back in the groove. The conference and people there gave me the encouragement and ooomph I needed/wanted to get going again. And there is MUCH work to be done not only in the upcoming year but even before the end of THIS year. GOALS, GOALS, GOALS! Now I need to stick to them and MEET them! As for the banquet dinner on Saturday night, I thought it was going to be a "virtual" dinner!! You were an excellent conversationalist with Mr. Jordan!! If you remember them, you'll have to tell us all about 1CoolDog!!! Tena
  8. Sally: You did a wonderful job putting those pictures together ... only I'm not in one of them and I was there! <hehehe> To everyone: It was great meeting you all. Being able to have face-to-face conversations with people you're used to typing to was nice. Terry will need to fill us in the remainder of her trip when she's able. I hope you all were able to catch up on sleep. I took an additional day off yesterday from my "corporate" job to sleep more before picking up the dog at the kennel. That time change can be a killer and it was only an hour behind for me! Again, it was good to meet everyone and chat a little on the side (although most of you probably don't even remember me!!!). Later gang! Tena
  9. I'm here but Sandy hasn't arrived yet! We're in Room 243. Hey I want one of thos Corona's too and I need a lime, please!! Tena
  10. Karri, You're too funny!! Yes, there are designated shuttles to and from the airport to the hotel and vice versa. The only obligation you may want to do is a tip (probably a dollar or two) to the shuttle driver. I'm definitely leaving my winter coat at home although the temps here in Detroit will be in the 40s both trips! They're even calling for snow here! Brrrrrr!!!!! Looking forward to seeing you all ... Yippppeee!!!! Two days until arrival!! Tena
  11. Tawnya, I think I already mentioned it "somewhere," but I'd be happy to help you out on the booth. I get in Thursday in the early afternoon and I'm rooming with Sandy! Tena PS I can watch weather.com all I want for weather conditions in Dallas. What's the true take from those in the area?
  12. John, Don't hold that against me. PLEASE!!! I may live in the state-that-cannot-be-named, but I'm loyal to my birth place! Tena
  13. I'd like to jump on the bus for the above sightseeing, too! I don't get in to Dallas until Thursday, so if the rest of you arrive before me and decide to go, definitely don't wait around just for me -- like you really would!! Tena
  14. Yikes! I can't believe the conference is almost here! I'm really getting excited! John - I'm glad you decided to join us; however, it's too bad your partner won't be there. Perhaps next year both of you will be able to attend. I, too, am a fellow Buckeye -- however, I do live in Michigan (no groaning). No only do I live in Michigan, but I live just north of Ann Arbor. Needless to say, I'm a Buckeye in enemy territory!! My parents live but a few minutes away from Terry (Lancaster). I hope you and Terry (and any others) will allow me to join your little network group! Karri - Tawnya is correct. The shuttle service is free; you may want to tip the driver of the shuttle a few dollars. Tawnya - If you need help with a booth or anything, I'll be more than happy to volunteer for a period of time. I don't know how things work at this conference, but hopefully the booths won't be manned during the Tracks. Karri - regarding your leaving your "baby" behind, well mine is 14 yo (a freshman in our high school system) and it will be strange to leave her behind with either her dad or friends. At one time I considered her coming with me because she's also made a committment to stand behind me in this venture. However, it didn't work out that way. You're not alone in what you're going through! Looking forward to meeting everyone! Tena
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