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    I enjoy Helping Others, my children I love to make smile and see them happy, love spending time with my family..I enjoy Computers and meeting new people. I like and enjoy Tyler Perry Movies, action movies-do not like scarey movies. I enjoy learning new things. I like the Motavational Authors:
    Jack Canfield, Robert Kiosaki, Mark Victor Hansen, the Bible, Dale Calvert, Jim Rohn, and Don Failla-and definitely like Poetry. Music is som R&B and Gospel.

    And, still working on updateing my Website.
  1. Hi, Thanks so much that really helps. I do appreciate this information more than you will ever know. Blessings success
  2. No, I didn't take on Medical as well. I stated that I USE to do and Work in the Medical Field and that is how I learned transcription-from attending and graduating Medical Office Management and Working for a Podiatrist in like 1993-but NO I have not taken on another transcription job-just this one and only lady. Thanks, success
  3. Hi, Thank you so much. You have a point there. She advised me today, since I enjoy sending out Motivational material every week on forums and blog postings, and uplift others, why not focus on Motivational Speakers-since I enjoy uplifting people as well and so forth. So, I thought that was a great idea and suits me-and so that is where Iam going with that one. But, I didn't realize how broad non-profits could be,.so great point..And I think that Motivational Speakers works. (smile) Iam happy with that because I never looked at it that way, which is great. Blessings, success
  4. Hello, Everyone I have a Heart and Passion to Help Others and Motivate People. Iam not happy unless I make someone else happy that day or week. I send out Motivational Quotes every Monday to Blog and Social Sites that Iam on. Iam currently working with a Coach and we are on this Niche Market thing-and it can get so frustrating when you think you have narrowed it down and someone else says No. I went with Non-Profits (she told me I had to be more specific as to which one), then I went to Small Businesses (I was advised which Small Business am I targeting and left it alone), then she told me I have a heart to serve-a Servants Heart (but what Market is out there for me to get involved). SHe told I was not Business or VA Material but she can show me how to be, but I mainly have a Servants heart. If, I new of a Market that suites me with this I will target it, but I feel like everytime I come with something-it seems to not be it. I enjoy Businesses that Help Others and I want to use my Admin Skills for that type of Market, Business, Organization, and or Individuals. I have thought about Speakers, Writers, and now Solopreneurs, and or Startups-and which ever I choose I have to be specific. It gets me down at times and discouraged, and I feel like quiting because I didn't realize it could be this difficult to focus months on end on one thing. If, anyone out there can assist in some ways in giving ideas of markets to zoom in on and google for info I wil, but my heart is Helping Others-I just want a market to that I can Help Others and they can utilize my Admin Services that is it. Thanks for your time, success
  5. Hello, Thank you both for your advice. I appreciate it alot. As I spoke to her the other day, I now have my very own first client (yes transcription). And she will be the only one for that matter. She is actually paying me enough to get up out of my bed without me lowering my price. I assisted her in realizing how time consuming this will be and how I pride myself on doing a professional and efficient job for her and not half stepping with the assignment. So, now Iam in the process of sending her the Retainer Agreement for her to review and sign off on and begin the assignment..Thank you so much, Iam glad that I did this type of work in the Medical field but do to it being time consuming I just never advertised it and nor promote it. Because she was a referral, I will do this time but needless to say she will be the only one I do transcription for. And, sorry about listing the price PattyD you are awesome as well-thank you both for assisting me in sticking to my guns and not lowering my rates, it means alot. I use to feel that if I didn't lower my rates I wouldn't get any clients but I did. It took me 9 months but it happened and Iam glad that it did. (smile) Thanks,
  6. Hello, I have a prospective client that was referred to me. As I do not offer Transcription as one of my services, I thought I will assist since I have the Medical Background exp. and education to do it, but again don't offer it as a service because its time consuming to me and more. Anyway my dilema is this: 1. What to charge for it? 2. She stated that she needs someone to transcribe for, and that she has "Youtube that are 10 mins in length and 3. She has Blogtalks that are 2 hours long. She is trying to get all this info transcribed and compiled into a book type format for the business that she is trying to do. And, her other words is: "While she do work a full time job, she also lives paycheck to paycheck." Now when people make these type of statements I feel that I have to lower my price of $xx an hour to meet there needs especially with this being so time consuming with transcription anyway. And further more I always used an Audio tape to transcribe, so I hope that transcribing this from Youtube and Blogtalk won't be that difficult. Any input and or feedback, ideas, suggestions, tips, and or advice will be very helpful. Thanks for your time,
  7. Hi, ellathinks I liked both of the sites and really its up to you which one you choose. Iam proud of you and good luck with everything, you will be just fine, you are very motivated and that says alot about you and what you do. (smile)
  8. Hi, AnnaLisaMichals Thanks so much for the encouraging words and support, it is very much appreciated and put a smile on my face today. I needed that truly-Thanks. I wish you were here so that you could attend. But, your kindness was great and will work. success
  9. Hi, Iam orginally from Fort Lauderdale,FL if I was still there I would love to come to these VA meetings. But, now I just come visit family every now and then. I think what you are doing is great. Try www.meetup.com become an Organizer for like $19.00 a month-and start a group on there for your area, you will get alot of response. Thanks,
  10. Hello, Everyone My Business Helping Others Association, Inc. is registered with the Palm Bay Chamber Of Commerce. And, although its some time off (not sure if I should mention this here in this area of the forum) but if you would like to be there for another VA as her business just really starts to open and develop, then you are invited to attend this Event. Its Free and the details are below: Details: Helping Others Association, Inc. is celebrating its Grand Opening. We are registered with the Palm Bay Chamber Of Commerce and will be doing our very first Ribbon Cutting Cookout Event. The event starts at 12pm-3pm and will consist of three prize give a ways, so please do drop your business cards in the basket-so that you may be one of the lucky winners. The Menu will consist of FREE (hot dogs, hamburgers, bake beans, chips, sodas/water). Come on over for a FREE event, socializing, bring your business cards, meet other chamber members, and have some fun. Please do RSVP (if you are attending) the Chamber can hold about 25-30 people I think. This will assure that its enough food. This event is in three months on March 31st 2010 from 12pm-3pm in Palm Bay,FL. Any questions please do let me know. You never know at these events whom you will meet that would like to utilize your services. If, you are interested in attending (please do let me know for you and a guest) okay! Thanks for your time,
  11. [Hi, Dana I would like more information on your: The Academy for Legal Virtual Assistance. What does it consist of, what are the topics for the class if there is one, how much is it, and do you certify the VA's as well. please get back to me-really would like to know more about this-as Iam seeking the Attorney area for my niche/target market-okay! Thanks for your help quote name=Debbie Lynn' date='Jan 29 2009, 03:02 PM' post='106657] Dana, Hope your call (and the recording part) went well and that you had plenty of interest. Maybe you can say a few words here for those who are undecided. Debbie Lynn
  12. Iam like that also in regards to preferred target market. However these are the few areas of Attorneys I was looking to target for the General Administartion area to offer to them: Plantiff Attorney Business/Corporate Attorney Patent Attorney Personal Injury Attorney Criminal Defense Attorney Divorce & Family Attorney Disability Attorney I guess just focusing on one type wasn't enough seeing as how its so many types of Attorneys. Thanks for the feedback,
  13. Hello, Everyone I was wondering if anyone here is a VA for any Attorney/Lawyers??? Iam asking because years ago I use to work for 6 Attorneys. However, I have only some experience and knowledge in the area of working with them and enjoyed it. And, this is the niche that I want to pursue. I realize its all different types of Attorneys and I have my focus on a few-yet I was wondering: Do I have to go back to School in order to be a Virtual Professional for Attorneys?-so that I can offer my Virtual Services. I thought that I will have to start trying to take up Legal Assistant/Paralegal classes or something in order to pursue this target market. Any advice or input on this will be great. Not giving any legal advice just would like to offer my Virtual Services without going to legal school or something? Do attorneys even use Virtuals? is the next question. They are some busy people I must say..I even use to work for the Police Dept doing Administration Support Specialist work-and enjoyed that as well-just enjoy the Law, I guess. Its good to get into since the Laws are always changing. If, anyone is currently working the Attorney market as a VA-how is it going? Do you like it? Does it have its drawbacks? (if so what are they)..Do I have to go back to School and get certified for something in the legal area in order to do the Attorney targeted market? please advise! Thanks for your time and hope that everyone enjoyed there Thanksgiving !!
  14. Thanks Candy I understand completely. However, even just to know a bit for the U.S. and Canada would be great,if you can shed some light on the Subcontracting works.
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