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  1. Marie, Your post is truly inspirational. As I was reading it (along with all the comments) I was getting excited and motivated and excited again! It made me smile, it brought a tear to my eye, it made me feel like I am closer to my dream than I thought! excellent post! I am very proud of you and look forward to hearing all about your great success! -Barbara Ling www.IndianaTeamVirtual.com
  2. Believe it or not, I actually have Time Tracker downloaded on my home computer and Time Stamp downloaded on my net book. Sadly to say, I have not yet had the opportunity to actually try either of them yet. I really want to get my VA business off the ground. I work full time, coach tee ball, am a mommy of a 5 year old princess and 7 year old angel, engaged to be married in a few years, just found out I am pregnant again - last one! (Very blessed, I know, but no time for "me" - must less time for trying to start a business). I will not give up on my dream to work from home and help change the world, one project at a time; in the meantime, it just seems so far out of reach! Finding the first few clients has to be the hardest part of any business. Boy, I could have started my own topic with this post.. lol.. sorry! Anyway, I wish I could help with the topic, but I have only gotten as far as downloading two different options! Good luck, though! -Barbara Ling www.IndianaTeamVirtual.com
  3. I have to agree with Tawnya, that you did come a long way in just a few months. Your website has a little bit of everything (info, video, sign up, connect icons, forum link), but not too much to overwhelm a person! I give you great props, Alyssa! Also must say that I love your name (same as my princess daughter's)! Good luck in all that you do! -Barbara Ling www.IndianaTeamVirtual.com
  4. Wow; great question! Honestly, I am still searching for my niche. I am going to use Tawnya's advice to write down my lists and really figure things out. Right now, I guess I am a general VA, but have been trying to focus on Realtors, because I have experience working with them already. However, I am not sure if that is actually my "niche" yet though! Thanks for bringing curiosity to my business thoughts. -Barbara Ling www.IndianaTeamVirtual.com
  5. I have recently studied the HTML, XML and XHTML languages. I used the website www.W3Schools.com to learn these languages. The site is very easy to use and in a very understandable language - great for someone who is just jumping right in with no previous knowledge! I did notice that they also had ASP on there. I would recommend maybe checking out the language for yourself to see if it something you can learn enough to make changes or at least learn the difference between that and other languages (which will help when you are trying to recreate his site). -Barbara Ling Indiana Team Virtual
  6. Oh, Topsie! I am very sad to hear of your loss. However, (as hard as I know it has to be), try to remember that she is in a much better place now; she is no longer sick or in pain. She would want you to be strong like she knows that you are! My family and I will keep you and your family in our prayers as you go through this most difficult time in your life! If there is anything that we, on the forum, can do for you, please don't hesitate to let us know - really! As many of the others have said, we are here together, as a virtual family and truly care for you!
  7. Quite an interesting topic! I am glad to have read it.. learning a little bit more each day! Thank heavens for vanetworking!
  8. I created my website when I first started (about a year ago). I have not been real active as a VA yet since I was working and going to school full time. I finished school in October, and have decreased my J-O-B hours to only two days per week (so I can concentrate on my Virtual Assistant business finally)! I was hoping for some feedback in regards to my website. The site is www.IndianaTeamVirtual.com Thank you! -Barbara
  9. I think the site looks great! Very good work! Janet - Love the "two cents" pennies!! Clever!
  10. I, too, am from the cold, snowy Indiana! Glad to have you in the forum, Angelina! Everyone is so kind and helpful here! It is a great place to be!
  11. I agree with everyone else - great resource, complete, very useful - WOW! Thank you so much!! How amazing this forum is!
  12. Wow! Thanks for all the prompt responses! I am going to check out all of the resources that everyone provided. Merry Christmas to you all!
  13. I took the survey, I was unable to answer all questions since my business has just started! I look forward to it next year, though!
  14. I would like to put a newsletter subscription link on my website (the kind that I always sign up for on other sites). However, I do not know the first place to start. Is it just code, javascript, or do i need special software or something? Please help! Thank you so much!
  15. Wow! That is a strange page! Everyone on here is so helpful and interactive. I wish I knew how to solve your situation, but unfortunately, I don't! I just wanted to show some support that I am hoping for the best for you!
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