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  1. Hi everyone The Edmonton Area Virtual Assistants will be hosting a meetup in the Sherwood Park area. All those VAs who are interested in joining us, please RSVP to:http://www.meetup.com/Edmonton-Area-Virtual-Assistants/events/23254801/#comments. Not sure how to make this into a link but if you call up The Edmonton Area Virtual Assistants, contact information is available there. July Meetup will happen on Wednesday, July 27, 2011 When: Where: Your RSVP: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 11:30 AM Boston Pizza 11 Broadway Blvd Sherwood Park, AB T8H 2C1
  2. Hi everyone I have been playing around with a subject that most people never think about. This is a real subject for me as we are having a company bring a huge landfill into the county. I want to make people aware of other options and that they should be putting pressure on their MPs to impliment these changes. I know it will take time, but if people are made aware of it, we may be able to make some positive changes. I am posting the article here. I showed it to a reporter who told me that it was more like a "letter to the editor". If that is what it will be, that is fine as I will submit it to our local papers. What I would like to know is how I could change it to make it more of an information article that the newspaper may want to print. I would appreciate your feedback. Garbage – Piles or Pellets? Garbage. Everyone makes garbage of some kind. But have you ever wondered what happens to it after you take it to the curb? Usually it is picked up and taken to a landfill which is a fancy name for a garbage dump. You’ve seen them – and I think you would agree that they are not pretty. Wouldn’t it be great if we could eliminate these? Well there is technology available that will virtually eliminate the need for massive areas used to dump everyone’s waste. Europe has limited landfill capacity so for at least thirty years they have implemented recycling practices. Any items that cannot be recycled are used as an energy source to produce electricity which is sold back to the power grids. Once the process is completed, all that is left is a non toxic ash that can be used as fill or for paving. This technology is in North America as well so why isn’t this process being used for all garbage disposals? The reason is because of costs and profits from recycling materials have not been realized in North America. But as raw materials supplies are being depleted and their costs are rising, recycling will increase in its value. There is an untapped supply of processed materials sitting buried in landfills and more is being taken to landfills. Many landfills are reaching the point where they are full so the companies that manage them are applying for expansions and when this does not receive approval, they try to develop new ones that will cover acres of land. A company in central Alberta is setting up a plant at and will receive all types of waste from the surrounding area. This facility will take up about ten acres of land. There will be no smell, birds, leachade or any of the other side effects of a landfill. The benefits are that it will have no smelly, bird covered piles of garbage and the power they will produce will be sold back to the electricity grid for use by residents of the County. As counties become aware of this process, many of them are turning to this type of facility to dispose of their waste despite the projected costs. As the process becomes more advanced, profits will start being realized. Governments understand the value of these facilities and are contributing funds to encourage the development of this process. They need to encourage municipalities to invest in this technology to get rid of their waste. This will be a win-win solution. North America seems to have unlimited areas to dispose of its waste and this seems to be the accepted way to get rid of its waste. How long will this practice be allowed to continue? It has been proven that the ways that landfills are now constructed are not as safe as they can be. What will be the long term effects of these landfills? Would you want to live beside a landfill? There is a choice and you can help to make this happen. How? Contact your government officials and voice your preferences by writing letters, emails and phone calls. What would you rather have: a pile of smelly, toxic garbage covering acres of land or a facility that will truly get rid of the waste, produce usable materials and contribute power back to the community. You decide. Thanks so much
  3. Hi everyone I took the survey last night and when I got to the last page I clicked on the link to download what I believe to be great goodies and there was no connection. When I clicked done, the page was gone. I had tried to copy and paste the link but the sites are went to were not the right ones. Did I do something wrong? Please let me know. Warmly Carol
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