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  1. Hi Darrell, I also recommend Toastmasters if you have a club in your area. I am a current member - I recieved my Compentent Communicator award last year and am half way to the Advanced Communicator - Bronze. In Toastmasters, you are given a manual and speech assignments. After each speech, you recieve both written and verbal evaluations. You also have an opportunity to master Table Topics - a one to two minute impromptu speech on a subject of another member's choosing. I am a member of a networking group here in Utah, and as part of our luncheons, we do what is called a Power
  2. Hi everyone, I just thought I would come here and pat myself on the back and tell y'all I have just done a seminar on VAs and have another one (as a keynote speaker) on Thursday. Although I think I have a lot of work yet to do on my seminars, to bring them to a more professional level, I like doing them and plan to keep it up. My business plan is actually to have subcontractors doing more of the work and spend more of my time in marketing. Not everyone wants to be a business owner, after all. My participants today seemed very interested and excited about the idea that they could work
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