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  1. Hi Carolyn, Welcome and congratulations on starting your business. What part of PA are you in? If you get overwhelmed or need some help feel free to email me anytime jenniferh@tangled-webb.com. Jennifer
  2. Hi Terri, I am looking forward to meeting with everyone. Please answer the following questions: 1. What day of the week would be best for you to go to a meet-up? Whatever works best for everyone 2. What time of day would be best for you? I am flexible on this as well 3. What county do you live in? Burlington 4. Do you think it would be best to schedule 1 meet-up for all of us in NJ or should we break it up into a north and a south NJ meet-up? It seems like it might be better for two since we seem to be pretty far from each other. Thanks! Jennifer Hansen
  3. Hi I was wondering if you had room one more. I live in Cinnaminson and would love to be a part of any other get togethers you might have coming up. Thanks, Jennifer
  4. Hi Tawnya, My most used apps are: Google Tungle Amazon Kindle Bump Twitterific Skype Go Daddy LineUp - game Shazam Tetris I try to only check like once ever other week otherwise I'd never get anything done LOL. Have fun with it. I love mine
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm just outside of Philly in South Jersey. I'd love to get together and chat, learn, share with you. Thanks, Jennifer
  6. Hi I'm fairly new. Mt. Laurel is closet to me. I'd love to get together with other VA's as well.
  7. Hi everyone. My name is Jennifer Hansen and I'm in Cinnaminson, NJ. I have been doing this for about year now and I've decided to try and really make this a successful business. I look forward to chatting, learning and getting to know you all.
  8. Hi everyone. My name is Jennifer Hansen. My business name is Tangled Webb Solutions LLC http://www.tangled-webb.com I've had the name for a few years, but I just recently started my VA business. I offer general administrative services as well as IT, recruiting and transcription services. I am from Cinnaminson, NJ (just outside of Philadelphia) I have been married fo 8 years and have one son who turned 7 in May. I enjoy cooking, reading, swimming and most of all being with my family. I am thrilled to be here.
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