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  1. I'm a newbie at Wordpress and I've been working on my site today. I was liking how it was coming along, but then I somehow deleted or got rid of the slider and I can't get it back. It's a ThemeAlley theme called Alexandria. I looked at the editor and from what I could tell, the code was there. (Don't worry, I didn't touch the code) Any suggestions ladies? Thank you, Robin Atkerson
  2. Thanks for the advise Tawnya. I am interested in doing web design, wordpress creation and maintenance, as well as administrative,so it seems I'm on the right track. The problem is...I work full time, and although I am a fast learner, I feel like I need to be a master at these skills before I can offer them as services. My biggest fear is getting a client and not being able to complete the task. It seems like I'm spending all my nights and weekends learning these skills, but getting that first client seems lightyears away. Any advice? Thank you so much and congratulations on your sucess!!
  3. Hello Ladies! If you had to choose 7 must have skills that you would advise newbies to learn/master, what would they be? These can be software programs, personal skills, business skills, etc. I would love to hear your responses. I'm trying to learn several new skills, but I'm getting caught up in which are more important. So far I've started with Wordpress, HTML, Photoshop, and plan to hone my Microsoft Word & Excel skills. In need of advice. Thanks! Robin
  4. Thanks for the replies ladies. As always, the amount and quality of information is exceptional (especially with only 3 replies). I'll dig deeper into your advice. Thanks for the heads up on the firewall plugin!
  5. Anyone have any opinons on this? I would like to know which 1 is more effective. Keeping in mind that I would like it to be user friendly as well.
  6. This must be your lucky day The archives to our seminars/workshops are only for VAinsider Club Members. Saying that, this was one of those rare workshops that I allowed to be public for all. Here's the link to it: http://vanetworking.com/downloads/AngelaWills Thanks Tawnya!!! That was an awesome seminar and will help me and my business greatly. I haven't fully launched yet, but will be launching soon. Right now I am working on educating myself so I will have several services to offer. Thank again Tawnya, you have made my week!!!!!
  7. Hello Ladies! I too was truly appalled to log onto my email and see that I had missed this seminar. Is there any way to get a transcript?? Thanks Robin
  8. Thanks ladies, but I still haven't figured it out yet. I'm running Windows 7 on a new Dell Studio. I think it's 64 bit too. I'll let you know if I ever get it installed. The error message keeps telling me that windows installer doesn't recognize the program.
  9. Hello Ladies! Hopefully someone can help me with my delima. The graphic designer at my work gave me the entire Adobe CS4 Design Suite to install on my home computer. The problem is, apparently it is not compatible with Windows 7. Every time I try to install it, it gives me an error message that says something about Windows in unable to install and to contact Adobe. Has anyone else has issues with Adobe CS4 and Windows 7? If so, any input would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks Robin
  10. Thanks sooooo much for all the great info! This is definitely something I want to offer in the future, but now I have a place to begin. I really appreciate your help and input! I'll be checking out those sites later this evening. Basic html is where I will start. Thanks ladies--once again, you have proven to be the best resource out there for a newbie VA.
  11. Hello Ladies! I would like to offer website design, re-design, SEO, etc. in the future when I get my business up and going. The problem is, I have no idea how to design a website. Sooooo...I have to teach myself. I have an entire course I can take in Dreamweaver, but I read so many posts about Wordpress that I don't know which is worth taking the time to learn and master. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated! P.S. I know I will still need to learn CSS, HTML, and PHP no matter what. Thanks & have a great day! Robin
  12. Sherri, Check out the link below and you can read about Wordpress until your heart is content. http://codex.wordpress.org/Main_Page Robin
  13. Sherri, I checked out your site and I think it looks really professional. Does Vistaprint offer more than 3 pages or did you just choose to only include 3 pages? Overall, very nice for a starter website. (My opinion--I'm not a website developer). Robin
  14. Tina, Thanks for the input. I checked out your site and it seems like exactly what I need for a start up website. They seem pretty affordable and offer website building, domain names, and hosting all in one place. I'll check a few other options before I make my decision. Thanks Robin P.S. Thanks Patty for moving my post!
  15. Hey Ladies, Has anyone ever tried the free websites offered by Intuit? Any reviews or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Robin P.S. Think I posted this in the wrong category. Moderator, could you put it in the correct one? Thanks
  16. Hey Ladies! First of all, I hope everyone is well and business is booming! I've taken a big leap today and started a blog about my personal journey starting a VA business. I just got it up today, so it's pretty basic, but if you want to check it out the link is below. Let me know what you think!!! The idea is to share what I learn (mistakes and all) with other newbie VA's. It's also to promote accountability. I feel like if people are checking in on my progress, then I can't be a slacker!! www.virtualsydan.blogspot.com P.S. How do I get on the blogroll? Thanks Ladies & have a great day!! Robin
  17. I also thought about adding email campaigns, help with postal rules and regualtions, address standardization, NCOA, etc. I think this could really work. I also think I could offer my services to other VAs who are looking to do a direct mail campaign or email blast. I think I can offer my services much cheaper than a mailhouse, but not so cheap that I would not make a profit. Thanks ladies for your input. I'm up for any more ideas!!
  18. Hi Ladies, First, let me say that I am currently a lurker, and am looking to open my VA business the first of 2011. Right now, I am trying to learn all I can, develop a business plan, come up with a niche....you know, all that newbie stuff. I currently work full time at a mailhouse, so I have a very good understanding of direct mail marketing. Do you think I could turn this into my niche? For instance, I could offer: Mail Piece Design Database Management Data Entry List aquisition Direct Mail Campaign Consultation Direct Mailings of 2500 peices or less Market Research Etc.. Do you think this could work as a niche? Any suggestions or input are welcome. Thanks Ladies! I love this forum and all the awesome VA's who share their knowledge and opinion (even if it hurts!) Thanks Robin
  19. Hello VAs! Ok, so I'm currently a lurker but hope to one day be a successful VA. My tax refunds have allowed for some extra spending money and I want to invest in a computer. This will serve as my home computer at first, but hopefully (with some hard work) will soon morph into my business computer. Any suggestions on what I should look for in a computer. I'm hardly a computer wiz--although I do know a bit about them and hope to become much better with them with a little studying. I'm mainly concerned about speed, memory, and compatability with an Epson all in one printer I bought last year. (For those who are wondering why I have a printer and no computer--my laptop was stolen a couple months ago--it was a Dell Inspirion 1525) Anyway, I'm up for any input you have. Thanks Robin
  20. Patrice, What type of phone calls does he need, (i.e. confirmation calls, sales calls, follow-up calls?) Also, are these calls which need to made during the business day? How many phone calls is he requesting per day/hour? With a little more information, I might be able to find you some answers. Robin
  21. Thank you for all of the great advice! For those of you who would like to get more familiar with Office 2007 & the infamous ribbon, you can go to the microsoft website and they have training tutorials for Excel 2007, Word 2007, Outlook 2007, etc. They also have tutorials for 2003. I have taken a few of the Excel 2007 tutorials and they really help. I have tried to take at least one tutorial a day, so I can get familiar with 2007. These tutorials go from just basic skills to advanced skills. I have pasted the link below. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/training...2255331033.aspx (Bare with me, I am a Newbie you know!!!
  22. Thank You Ladies!! This helps me greatly. I probably should get the framework up and going, I certainly don't want to give an unprofessional appearance right out of the gate. Volunteer work is an excellent idea also! This will help me get used to interacting with clients virtually, build references, and will probably bring pros and cons to the surface, that I have not yet thought about. I appreciate your help! Have a Great Day!!!
  23. Deneen, I don't know if you can load 2003 & 2007. What I do know is that if a client has 2007, they can open 2003 files, docs, etc. with no problems. I think if you have 2003, you can open 2007 files but some features get lost in translation unless you have downloaded a service pak. Please correct me if I am wrong about this. Thanks Robin
  24. I'm thinking about purchasing MSOffice and wanted to know if anyone could tell me which one they recommend. I downloaded a free trial of 2007 and I really like it, but I worry about compatibility issues with clients. Any suggestions?
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