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  1. Hi everyone! I posted this in the VAC and VAInsiders section, but wanted to post it here too. I just got my VAC system today! I'm so psyched. I have a question though. I own my own Legal Transcription company and work from home. I also am able to work remotely with clients. I need help because I have one client that likes to still use transcription machines and tapes. I've decided to hire a VA to help me with the transcription. My question is this: How do I bill my client for the VA's time? They pay by the hour, not by the line. Do I tell the client that she will be working with me and therefore be privy to their information? Do I submit a bill on her behalf or on my behalf? I want to make sure I am on the up and up. Thanks for your help in advance. Shalisha Alston Legal Transcriptionist
  2. Hi Andrea. Thanks for responding. I'm not sure if you purposely reached out - as in olive branch. It's me - remember? We had a misunderstanding for which I really apologize. But anyway, I have my own legal transcription company and I've got tons of work from my major client. I get paid by the hour from them. But I recently got hired by a major company as an IC. I start tomorrow. I also got another lawyer/client for whom I do independent work for. I am currently running my own legal transcription company and want to hire a team. I have no clue what I'm doing, that's why I purchased VAC. But still, even though I have plenty of work from my major client, typing is not what I want to do forever. I want to hire the subcontractors to work for me. But for now, this pays the bills. My real love and passion is writing articles and creating website content. Thanks for reaching out.
  3. Thank you so much! I do type 85WPM so that's a good thing. With this company they don't charge by the piece, they do it by line. Thanks again for your feedback and help.
  4. Question: I recently started working as an IC with a really great company as a Legal VA. They are paying 7 cents per line. I've never done this before in terms of getting paid by line. I've always gotten paid by the hour. I have over 20 years legal secretary experience so I'm not wet behind the ears. But honestly, is 7 cents per line cheap? Can I make a living off that? Also, is it possible to make a decent living doing work charging by the line? What is the going rate per line? Also, do you ever get raises per line after you've been with a company for a while. I'm with a very good company by the way in terms of their reputability.
  5. Hi. Is it too late to join?
  6. Hi Deb and Debbie Lynn. Thanks for the feedback:) Debbie Lynn, the link you sent me to was a bit too complicated. I'm just looking for a business plan, not a webinar. That site you sent me to was too overwhelming and didn't address what I wanted. But thank you anyway for your help.
  7. [/size]Hello everyone! I joined this forum last November, 2008 not sure if I wanted to develop my legal transcription company into a full time VA business. I've been getting TONS of work from clients and now I KNOW I want and need the support of this wonderful group! My name is Shalisha and I live in New York City. I've been a legal secretary for over 20 years. Last year, I decided I was never going back to corporate america. I love affiliate marketing and creating websites. But I also knew I needed to make money to pay bills. So I started writing articles for people and I opened my business and named it Imaginative Writers. But then I got the idea that I could use my legal secretary skills and work from home! So I stayed in touch with an office manager from the law firm I used to work with. Timing is everything! They are my major client and I get tons of work from them. Today I got another major client with whom I will be working as in IC. So now I'm serious about developing my legal transcription company. I need help though.... how do I manage my finances? My personal money and my business money keep getting mixed and I have no idea how much my profit is and how much my overhead is. Would love feedback. Thanks. Do I need a business plan even though I've been an IC since last November? If so, where would I get one? Thanks in advance. Shalisha Alston New York City
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