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  1. Just an update! I did end up "firing" this client after missing a total of five deadlines. The final straw was his eBook cover, which I paid my designer to do. He missed the deadline telling me that while he loved my writing and editing, he wasn't happy with the cover. I couldn't afford to lose any more money or time, so I just told him he would have to find someone else to do the Kindle conversion. The said part is that he is a doctor, but even more so, professionals at all levels need to be respected. I do not feel guilty. He is a great person, but this is business. Sometimes even friends--best friends--can't work together. Just thought you'd like the hear the empowering ending to my story.
  2. I've heard a lot of wonderful things about becoming a VA Insider. It sounds like you all highly recommend it. I might just have to bite the bullet and join. Any thoughts? Leisa
  3. Thank you JuliPalmer7 and kdbbiz. I really appreciate the advice.
  4. Yes, it was project based with a deadline. Thanks, Tawnya! That is what I was thinking too. He will just have to pay for more time, since he has missed the deadline a total of three times as we need to renegotiate the original contract. I don't even think I will offer the carte blanche without a follow-up phone call. Again, thanks so very much. L
  5. I am not sure if this is in the right area or not, but here goes. I have a client who is a medical professional and travels quite frequently. I really like him personally and professionally; however, there is a problem. Recently, he moved to another country to do an internship. His contract clearly states that after a certain date, the rates and work will need to be negotiated. While I realize that he is homesick for his wife and kids and trying to make an adjustment in a foreign country, we all have issues to some extent. I have extended the contract deadlines three times for him only to have him not meet the deadlines or not communicate that he is running behind. Today, he sends me work that he wants done that has been extended three times with a missed deadline. Should I just refer him to his deadline and inform him that I cannot fulfill this late work without negotiating either a higher fee or an additional fee to his missing three deadlines? Or should I just fulfill the work and tell him that he must accept it carte blanche without any follow-up or revisions made due to his missing three deadlines? I was helping him write an eBook, and I always allow two revisions. He was overall happy with the first revision, but decided to add additional information to the eBook on the second revision. I also reminded him that I was only editing and not revising. I am so confused. What is the best way to handle this client? TIA
  6. I also don't think your rates are too high. I was told the going-rate for most VA's is $35 to $50 per hour, and that is starting out.
  7. Linda, OMG! I received that same email last weekend! I am in Virginia too. I declined it, because it gave me a really creepy feeling. More importantly, a friend of mine paid a lot of money to a similar so-called LLC establishing company only to lose a lot of money. Thanks for bringing this up. Leisa
  8. Thanks, Leanne. That makes sense. It really does. I'll keep everyone posted as to what I did.
  9. Thanks, Leanne. I was hoping that you would chime in there! (BTW: Good to see you!) That's what I was thinking too. From an SEO point of view, pointing is probably a better option. However, I am not sure what you mean "from the page down". Could you explain? Thanks again. Leisa
  10. Thanks, JudyAnn. Yes, I probably will get several ideas, because there are several ways to do this. I had not thought about more strategically using the meta title. Leisa
  11. Greetings all. I am in the process of renaming my main VA web site to be more in line with how my practice has evolved. A couple of months ago, I purchased the new domain name on GoDaddy. I have also had my new logo professionally redesigned as well as a new header. So, with the exception of rewriting my web site and updating my forums and social media, I am getting ready to launch the new site. I also plan on having a favicon designed as I lean more toward branding this time around. However, I have run into a dilemma. My question is: from a search engine perspective, should I just rename my business by transferring my domain or should I consider pointing my domain. Either way, I know that I will lose my current email addresses. To address that issue, I have forwarded everything to a temporary gmail account. I know I can also recreate new email addresses, which is very easy to do. I have had my current web site since 2007 and the domain name since 2006. Since I have had my web site for this length of time as well as several good clients, would pointing be a better option? Even though I plan on updating my forums and social media, I know that there will always be those "Murphy's Law" visitors who will not know the new domain name. I know how to do the "mechanics" for domain transferring, domain pointing, and even domain forwarding. That's not the problem. I have done all of those tasks for clients. I am looking for advice from some of you who have renamed your current web site. Because it is MY web site, it is harder for me to be objective than if it was the web site of a client. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If it would help that I post the web site domain names, let me know. Thank you. Leisa
  12. Thanks also, Linda. I have a very old Gregg Reference at home. I probably should update. I have been using the hyphen to indicate an adjective and a noun describing another noun. Yes, some grammar rules are pesky. Thanks again, Amanda and Linda.
  13. I am trying to write something, and I keep seeing a variety of acceptable forms of "real time". According to the latest Wikkipedia entry, it is now one word: realtime However, I haven't seen it as one word very often. Does anyone know which of the three it is? Thank you in advance. Leisa
  14. The newly redesigned Chiseling Out Success newsletter comes out tomorrow. I love using Aweber and am using it this time instead of the program which comes with Homestead. I can't put my company URL in here, because I am not a VA Insider yet--but you can Google it. Leisa
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