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  1. I'm in the Front Royal area, which is 75 miles from DC. Leisa Good
  2. Keep me posted, Colleen. I have been known to just get in my car and drive, drive, drive. Leisa www.GemstoneBusinessSolutions.com
  3. I'm in Front Royal, Virginia. I would love to get to know more of you! I've been a VA since 2006. I'm also in the process of becoming a VA Insider on this forum. This forum rocks!!!! I'd be interested in attending any get-togethers. My email is Leisa@GemstoneBusinessSolutions.com for any correspondence. Leisa www.GemstoneBusinessSolutions.com
  4. Tawya, wow what a testimonial. I know that when new VAs see you they sometimes don't see all of the struggles that you yourself had to endure to make a go of it! You continue to inpire all of us. I will have to get that book on the obsolete employee too. Leisa
  5. Cheryl, I am in Front Royal, Virginia. I used to live in Arlington, VA so I am familiar with DC. Nice meeting you and good luck. Leisa
  6. Congrats to you, Dy! I really like your web site too. Leisa
  7. Tawnya, Great marketing tool. Thank you. I had seen something similar on someone's web site (can't remember who) and was trying to find it. I will definitely bookmark this information this time. Thanks for saving me the Google search. Leisa
  8. Sally, Welcome back. I like the name, Virtual Simplicity. I also like your clean, crisp writing, and easy site navigation. I guess all of our web sites are a work in progress. Good for you for reinventing yourself. I am getting ready to hide under a rock and get my web site finished along with my brochures and press release. Sometimes you just have to be keenly focused. Your focus paid off handsomely. Leisa
  9. Good job! Yes, post it everywhere. Leisa Gemstone Business Solutions--Custom cut to your business needs!
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