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  1. Congrats Crystal, You've earned some lovely prizes. Cheers!! Bernice
  2. I agree with Candy. I noticed that your used at least three colors, what would it look like in black and white, I am thinking of the extra costs (due to color) when you want to print up promotional items. How does it copy, etc. Bernice
  3. Hi, We are getting together tomorrow, hope you can make it. Contact me and I'll provide Details. Cheers!! Bernice
  4. I wonder if you try some social media, ie facebook or twitter searches. You are right, it is easy for people to disappear!! Bernice
  5. Hi Dana, I have actually heard about you from one of Bea's e-mail just before a meet-up. Great to see you here on the forum, I just joined so I am hoping to learn and share with other VA's. If we have another meet-up in Calgary I'll get the chance to meet you. See you on the forums!! Cheers
  6. Hi Everyone. My name is Bernice and I am the owner of Bolin Consulting Inc. Visit My Website based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada I am what you would call a "Seasoned " Assistant. I have been in the VA business on and off for more than a dozen years and recently rebranded (redid my website), and have picked up a few clients but looking for more. I have over 20 years of Oil and Gas Administrative / Office Manger experience and transfered many of the administrative skills into building inter/intranet sites and internet research. I have a passion for "special projects" Presentations, Press Releases, Annual Reports and Board Reports. I love to learn new things and am always teaching or taking a course. I am happy to be here to learn and share on the forum. Cheers!! Bernice Your Executive Virtual Assistant
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