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  1. suef

    Employee Handbook

    Thank you, it makes sense to put it in the footer on every page. Sue
  2. Hello I am currently updating an Employee Handbook. Should I put 'Revised On' every page or just the title page? Or is it just personal preference? thanks Sue
  3. Thanks, I added the blank page and it worked.
  4. I am trying to set up my site on wordpress, and have added some pages to it. I want to add a blog but want to be able to just post to it, but if I make it a post page then it does not show up on my site. I made my Welcome page static, otherwise whichever page I updated shows up as my home page. Is there a way to make my blog page look more like a 'blog', or do I make it a page and go it and use the edit feature to add new posts. Am new to wordpress so any help would be appreciated. Here is the link if you want to look at the site to see what I am trying to achieve. www.internetofficeconnections.com thanks Sue
  5. Hi , I'm Sue andI live in Sutton, Ontario and am just starting my VA business. I have been married for 23 years and have 2 boys in their 20's. I was laid off from my last job and took advantage of a skills development program that was being offered. I am almost finished taking a Business administration course and want to apply what I am learning into my business. I am just trying to put a site together at http://www.internetofficeconnections. I don't have a lot of background experience but was able to do two projects recently for clients which they were both happy with. I have been searching for info to help me with building my business and finding clients and it looks like I have ended up in the right place finally. Look forward to meeting everyone. Sue
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