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  1. Thanks, Patty, Forgive my ignorance, but what's IPB? Pam Snyder
  2. I've been out of touch for a while and probably will be out again for awhile, but I have a question that I'm not sure where to post. I'm part of a Yahoo Group that would be better served by a forum. How would one go about setting up a forum and the follow up question is how do you go about transferring the posts from Yahoo to the new forum? Pam Snyder www.virtualofficepartner.net
  3. Thanks, Tracey, for your advice. That was very helpful and I feel confident in talking to the president of the association tomorrow. After you explained the digital transfer, I hit my forehead with the palm of my hand and said, "Doh!" I knew that. Pam
  4. Tracey, That's very helpful. Do you think the recording would be as good without the 2 microphones? Is it the microphones that make the difference or the tape, do you think? If we go with tape, what's the best way to transfer from tape to digital? Pam
  5. At the last local ministerial association meeting an older pastor was elected as secretary/treasurer. A vote was made to buy him a tape recorder to record the hour long meetings so he could take the minutes. I jumped in and volunteered my services to transcribe the recording for him for which he was extremely grateful. I'd like to recommend a recording device that will work well in a group setting and still be easy for me to transcribe. I'm pretty sure the answer is not a tape recorder. What would you suggest? This may turn into some profitable work for me as several other pastors commented they may need my help some time. Pam Snyder www.virtualofficepartner.net
  6. Thanks, everyone, for all the responses. I read somewhere that the most prominent reason women entrepreneurs (I wish that word were easier to spell) fail is a lack of confidence. I can believe it. It will take me awhile to change my perspective and learn to sell outcomes. I will have to get with my biggest fan and see what she has to say. FYI, this particular realtor is regularly a top producer and his $10/hr. assistant used to work for him but now has another full-time job at the army base and works for him on the side. The title guy said realtors are asking him for assistants all the time and he would pass on my business cards. Thanks again, guys. You're the greatest.
  7. "Which is faster?" It depends. It depends on how many IP addresses are set up on each sub-network. If your section (sub-network) of the cable company has 100 private IP addresses that are sharing the cable and the telephone company has only 50 users sharing a sub-network, the DSL could be faster. I had cable in an area that had grown tremendously, but the cable company didn't want to spend any more money adding more cable or networks to their system and from about 3 p.m. (when kids got home from school) until midnight we had spotty service. Not only was it slow, but we would get bumped off the system. Needless to say, we changed to DSL. It was heaven. Fast internet and never bumped off. Where I live now, I have cable. It's great. It's fast and we rarely get bumped, usually just from power failures. I think once the speed gets to a certain point, it's difficult to tell that one is significantly faster than another. Check to see if the cable company is having a special and whether or not you can switch back to the phone company for internet within 30 days without a penalty and give cable a try. You should ask your neighbors what kind of service they are getting with their service if your cable company isn't having any specials. Pam Snyder www.virtualofficepartner.net
  8. Thanks for this post! I looked into the Chamber here and I already made the choice to become a VA Insider rather than become a Chamber member. My husband mentioned to me a week ago about meetup.com in conjunction with setting up something with our 8 kids who are scattered across the U.S. I didn't see how it would work for that purpose, but I didn't even think about using it for networking in my community. Duh. This makes twice he's steered me in the right direction without even knowing it. I think I'll keep him. So I just signed up at meetup.com and have signed up for 2 groups. Thanks for the help again, everyone. Pam Snyder www.virtualofficepartner.net
  9. Hey, all, I've been out networking a bit the last couple of days. I stopped in to see the realtor who sold our house earlier this year to give him one of my cards, etc. He asked me my rates, and when I told him, he said no realtor would pay that much. He said he has an assistant that works for $10/hour. I can get a job paying more than that. My husband says he was just seeing if I would waffle and change the amount. What do you more seasoned VAs think. I thought $40/hr was reasonable since I don't have any experience in real estate, but I do have quite a bit using one of the programs the realtors use just by looking for a house. After I saw the realtor, I went to the title company and talked to the guy that runs it and he didn't bat an eye at the $40/hr. amt. I think selling myself will be the hardest part of this. Pam Snyder www.virtualofficepartner.net
  10. Tracy, I appreciate that you were willing to apologize even though you did nothing wrong. That says a lot about your character. This forum has been such an encouragement to me. I haven't felt like anyone has been harsh with anyone else. Sometimes the truth hurts no matter how sugar coated it is. I just want to thank everyone here for the posts they write. It means a great deal to me. Pam Snyder
  11. Has the client's business slacked to such a pace that she can't afford you any more? If so, her business may not be long for this world anyway. It might be time to let this client go before you do work and not get paid at all. I have to say I admire people who have the guts to ask for something like that even if I think it's wrong. I could never be that bold.
  12. Welcome, Arlene, from a fellow newbie. I think it's so cool we all are from different parts of the globe.
  13. Nancy, Take a deep breath. Writing is a hard way to communicate because you can't hear the tone of voice or facial expressions. I'm relatively new, but as far as I can tell, no one on this forum is deliberately harsh. I understand your feelings of being overwhelmed. There's so much information on this forum and all over cyberspace it gets difficult sorting out what's necessary and what's not. You can only do what you can do. I tweaked my website for a month before I wasn't embarrassed to have anyone see it. Put Tracy's list on your "things I need to learn" list and start implementing them. Visit other sites and see what everyone else is doing. When you visit a site notice what you like and don't like and implement the styles you like. Pam Snyder
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