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  1. Hey Danielle, Thank you for sharing, and I have to give you a hard time with spelling and I don't think spell check would fix this. It is Nicole Dean and you put Micole LOL. I will be there, besides here, I love the information she brings and all the information I have learned in the past 2 years from her (and here) To any VAs reading this, hope to see you there WOHOO I'm excited.
  2. One of the things I noticed is you refer to yourself as I and Marianne, you should be consistent and use one or the other. I am not a professional at press releases, so this is just what I see, and the one I have read, do not usually show the I. Also where you state Marianne goes to say and then you make a statement should that be in quotation marks? Good job, I personally know how hard this is. Again I am not a pro at PR's or even really the greatest writer best of luck
  3. Hey fellow VA's As we all know its tax time for some of us so my question is do you pay yourself in your accounting system? I have quickbooks and I am not a quickbooks expert LOL so I am not sure how I would enter paying myself, I didnt think it would go under employee payroll, right? If any one has any tips and tricks let me know.
  4. That is awesome, keep up the great work. Yes it has been a busy week So I have decided that I should only have one PowerPoint presentation, instead of two. People probably won't stay around to watch both of them, so the one that I originally created I will hold off for another time. I have now finished my second PowerPoint presentation ("keeping my fingers" crossed on this). I now only have to make a few changes to my brochure and these will be ready for my marketing event. I guess the saying is true "When it rains it pours." This week --I am trying to attend all of Tawnya's Virtuosos Seminars (which are great by the way), --working on stuff for my marketing event on Thursday (still have to put the "give aways" together) --got a second client (on Monday), --having my first client ask me to help with some additional items (he realized that he has the funds for a few more hours) --having one scheduled early morning appointment fail to show (only to find out that he wrote the appointment on the wrong date in his calendar and wanted to re-schedule for this week --LOL, he had to settle for next week), --having a second scheduled early morning appointment who has confirmed that they will be there (he might be my third client!), --my husband is going out of town tomorrow for three days (good and bad), --my youngest is coming home for the weekend (and is off the crutches, yeah!!) I think I am just going to sleep all through next week --just to catch up.
  5. New Accountability for this week, stay on top of all the information I have received so far and will receive from VA Virtusos and wondering how to put it in the right order in implementing it. Ok so my accountability for last week was just about achieved, I am still working on my power point but will be finished this weekend I could add a long list today, but some may not be related to my business HAHA if anyone has an accountability for 9 year old twins with attitude pass it on LOL Hope you all have a fabulous week.
  6. Not that I hope to never get married again, looking forward to reading your posts.
  7. This week I am accountable for finishing my video and powerpoint for Driver training presentation. And enjoy and learn from the best VAs around in the VA Virtuosos Seminar Series.
  8. I did mine . Awesome gifts. Thanks I have been kind of out of the loop since I moved at the end of April. Culture shock, busy with clients, kids etc. I have things finally hitting a norm, kids in school so now you should see more of me now here. The survey was awesome, I was in blog writer it was on the 25th and as soon as I got done I began to write a blog about some of my experiences as a VA and with VANA and wouldnt you know it my toddler came in, grabbed my hand and said no more computer. I guess I have a task to do in the next day or so. Thanks again Patty and ALL
  9. Its amazing how much you influence all of us Hope everyone helps spread the word (I did) best of luck
  10. I recently had a client who wanted me to check out hummingbird for Twitter followers, and i started checking things out I found Tweetadder has anyone used any products like this, if so let me know what you think. thanks bunches
  11. I have to agree with Candy Although here I am technically a newbie I have been to plenty of conferenece that have had inexperience and its difficult to get the answers you need when they do not seem to have all the answers and you are getting "I will get that information for you and get back to you" yes it can be a great lead but that doesnt help. I also think that there should be a variety of vendors that might be relevant to our business. I attended an expo in Salt Lake City where it was all office supply stuff and they gave out tons of free samples and helped you on software updates and any software questions, etc. that was rather nice even if its just someone in our area who might be proficient and specializes in a specific software from our networking group can maybe put on a panel of problems, solutions, and brief trainings etc. This is my thought. I have moved to south Alabama from Nebraska so I have been out of the loop for the past couple weeks now I feel normal. LOL
  12. Best of Luck, I am positive it will turn out absolutely great. Good work Dianna, thanks for the advice! Imma go make some changes and get it out there. Wish me luck!
  13. Sorry Candy Im sure it doesnt make alot of sense because it does not to me really either LOL , what I have is a client who wants to set up a website that can accept payments, and then for someone who wants to call and pay over the phone. I was looking for both together, but I am finding that my options are limited, unless he wants to man the phone and have someone take the info over the phone and use a virtual terminal so to speak. Thanks For the link too.
  14. Ok I know how to do quickbooks in accounts payable nature, but what I was wondering was does Intuit Quickbooks have the capability to take payments both online and over the phone, if so can anyone direct to a link? thanks
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