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  1. Thanks for sharing, I wish I would have had these when I did mine
  2. Wow, it seems like forever that I have been here, things have been crazy busy. Love my business, and its hard to believe that this came my way almost 4 years ago but 3 years as a member of VAnetworking. Where does the time go. I love my Trucking VA stuff and I have learned so much, and some days there is not enough time in the day. First it was living on the beach in Southern Alabama, now well I chose to move my kids where some of my family members had moved to. Wouldnt you know it, the place they moved to was where I got my first client ever and 3 more. I still tell them pretend I am still 1000 miles away lol. I helped my brother open up a dollar store not far from where I live and I also now live super close to the VA that gave me the referral for my first client Janet Janowiak, however I have not been able to catch up with her yet, since I moved to WI but soon. Glad to be back and I will do my best not to be a stranger here anymore and ok im babbling LOL
  3. I say yes also At the beginning of this year I asked one of my clients for a testimonial or a referral, he did write me that referral that he was really happy with my work but was hesitant because he did not want to lose what great service I provided. Wouldn't you know it my hours for him went up and they offered me an independent contract on a full time basis.
  4. Tawnya's suggestion to your situation is exactly what I had with one of my clients. I had been working with him for awhile and he was not really familiar with his social networking, but was not willing to give me access. So he first he added me as an admin on his fanpage, but then like Tawnya said I suggested he setup hootsuite, and after he set up the accounts etc. Now 1 1/2 later he is a bit more comfortable know that he can share information with him. Good Luck and I wish you the best Wow, that is a tough one and you'll have to sit down and talk to your client about confidentiality. You'll want to tell them exactly what you are telling us, that it is virtually impossible to manage their links and social networks without access to them. If they are still not interested in sharing, you may want to reconsider this person as a client as they seem like a bit of a control freak and they may be difficult to work with for some VAs. As for accessing their Twitter and Facebook info for tweets, you could tell your client to get Hootsuite and then they add you on it. That way gives them the ability to give people access to their social networks without having to give up their main password.
  5. I spent a very much needed rest during the holidays after an extremely busy summer, well year actually. I did nothing but spending time with my kids, flying kites at the beach, fishing at the river, and taking my 10 year old twins to the skate park (praying they would not break a bone, while I chase around my 4 year old. Really even though we did lots of fun things I relaxed. Oh and who could forget the karoake machine that they got early for christmas. They love to sing (but not sound so well so I thought I would help them. It was a blast singing "moves like Jagger" LOL I had a fabulous holiday and now its time to clean out the many hundreds of emails, return the phone calls and clean up the stacks of fedex packages. BUt I LOVE What I do I hope everyone had the most enjoyable holiday. I know I did :)My many blessing with everyone for the most fabulous 2012 ever!
  6. Hey everyone, It seems like forever since I have been here. Things have been going really well and I have been busy and I just wanted to say I have not forgotten. This place is the reason I have been able to build my business. To the point I have now have a team, which took me a bit to put together. Because of my niche I had to do some training and explanations but all great now After going to the first ever Trucking Social Media event back in October, I made some great connections and am now working on my own software programs of my own to put a collaboration suite together for my clients. It was such a great event, and I have loved being where I am and how I got here, and being in warmer weather has also provided me more time with my kids. Thank you again for giving me the necessary tools and advice to get me where I am today. I promise not to stay away so long and I cant wait until the holiday bash. Happy Holidays from my family to yours Dianna
  7. Great, I think Cindy has alot of valuable informaiton. Nice job and I will be sure to comment congrats I love "firsts"
  8. Mine is detailed oriented (it can be a pitfall too though because I cant bill because Im a perfectionist) I just learned to do it right the first time LOL
  9. I would love to win the Lenovo, keeping up with technology is always a plus in our virtual business and since Tawnya has one, we know who to contact for technical support HEHE Thanks for the oppurtunity to win this
  10. I also did the Super Affiliate and have now joined Clicknewz with Lynn Terry, Awesome stuff
  11. You know what I just realized when I decided to revamp my blog I swapped my website name and my blog name so the link under my blog now is http://dlambert-onlineofficesolutions.com (which was my website and now my website is www.onlinevirtualofficesolutions.com and www.virtualtruckingassistance.com oops I forgot to add that so you were actually looking at my website sorry
  12. Hey everyone, Well I learned how to do my website HTML/CSS how to revamp landing pages or sales letters, now I have been trying to tackle wordpress. I wanted a site that was pretty not plain. The only reason I say plain is in my virtual business my niche is the trucking industry which is mostly a male dominant industry, so I did pretty and had multiple comments that I should make it more appealing to men LOL haha so I met in them in the middle and I created one I liked (finally) Ok now as for my blog, I decided after reading a post about wordpress in here, that I would take the advice Judy gave to a New VA on wordpress, and well hmmmm. I found a wordpress ebook, I began playing around and searching through templates and revising backgrounds, header etc. figuring out how to add drop down list. (I know thats funny) I finally think I got pretty and professional (my opinion of course So please take a look and tell me what you think. If I didnt have faith that I would get good comments and constructive criticism from you awesome peeps I would not ask. So in advance thank you for all the help.
  13. Thanks Judy, I actually found it after I posted this question, and answered my own question . Thanks for the reply its much appreciated If I understand your question, do you want a home page and a page/blog part for your site? If that is question, in settings, you can Settings, Reading on the dashboard and designate one page to be your home page and another to be where you post (rather like the blog). On each page that is set up, there is an opportunity to decide if you want to let people comment or not. I often uncheck that spot so the comments are steered toward the pages that make comment sense. Sometimes I will leave it on the Contact page and always on the page that becomes the blog.
  14. So I am now after learning HTML and building my own sites going to get into the wordpress. However I have a question for you all I want to know if I want to post on a specific page of a wordpress site and not on the home page, where would I do that? Thanks in advance D
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