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  1. Looks like a good start. I love the quotes on your website! I might change the font in the left blue box so that it is a little easier to read. Maybe something like Arial Thanks for showing it to us! Teri
  2. I use QuickBooks Pro and I love it! It has TONS of tutorials to teach you about bookkeeping basics. I agree that downloading the simple version of QuickBooks should happen first to learn how to use it, then go to Pro later if you need it. Teri
  3. Hi! My name is Teri and I just started my virtual assistance business this month. My company name is An Office Remedy and my web address is www.AnOfficeRemedy.com. I do various tasks such as bookkeeping, Interent research, Word Processing, and Calendar and Email management. I am pretty excited because after months of preparing for my business I already have one client! I have a few other possible clients coming too! Most of them are from mailing my information to my families and friends. I am married to a wonderful, supportive husband. Thanks! Teri
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