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  1. I did get this figured out. I had posted oustanding cheques to insert as last year's date and you can't do this. Once I changed date to the year I was working on everything worked fine. Perseverance! Brenda
  2. Do you have any suggestions as how to adjust this so that I can move on? I have a lot of entries to make and a short time to do it in. Brenda
  3. Thanks Linda for the advice. I was able to get the bank account reconciled, but am still struggling with the credit card. I am out the amount of the prior outstanding amounts $89.24. I started this account with a 0 balance, inserted the outstanding amounts, and posted the visa transactions. The resolved equals the amount of the credit card statement, $30,000.00, but the unresolved and discrepancy are at $89.24 - the amount of the entries from the prior month. Any idea what I am doing wrong. Brenda Just Ask Virtual Assistant Services
  4. Hello. Can anyone help me with a Simply Accounting question? I took on a new client and his back up drive is faulty so I have to start from scratch. I have input the necessary information, etc., but I can't get the account reconciliation for the chequing account to balance or the Visa statement to balance. Can I input an adjustment to the retained earnings account for the chequing account? I have input the opening and closing balances, inserted outstanding amounts, etc. What am I doing wrong?? The discrepancy and unresolved are showing the same amount, which isn't 0. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks. Brenda Just Ask Virtual Assistant Services
  5. Thanks Tracey. I appreciate the help. I will see what I can come up with. Brenda
  6. Hi all, I just quoted on a word processing job by the hour and the prospective client would like a price by the word. What price should I be charging by the word? Thanks. Brenda Houston Just Ask Virtual Assistant Services www.justaskva.com b.houston@xplornet.com
  7. I have a Simply Accounting question. I have a client who has a March 31 year end. When I went to roll over the account I must have hit the wrong button and now can't get back before Jan 1, 2012. Can this be corrected and how? Thanks. Brenda Houston Just Ask Virtual Assistant Services b.houston@xplornet.com www.justaskva.com
  8. Thanks Lanelle, I appreciate your input. A good accountant would have to be in place to make this work. Brenda
  9. Hi all, Is there any Canadian bookkeepers who do books for clients in the states? I would appreciate any input, suggestions, or experiences you can share. Perhaps this is an area that should be avoided. Thanks. Brenda Just Ask Virtual Assistant Services
  10. Wow, who knew there was so many uses for cucumbers. Now I know what to do with all the extras I grow in my garden. Brenda Just Ask Virtual Assistant Services www.justaskva.com
  11. Hi All, Is there any Saskatchewan Virtual Assistants who would be interested in getting together to discuss ideas, problems, marketing, etc? Brenda Houston Just Ask Virtual Assistant Services
  12. Hi Lauren, I love your new cards and will be checking out Vistaprint as well as the other sites that were mentioned. My stock of business cards has depleted so I need new ones. I have designed my own card and logo so the timing of these sites is perfect. I list my services on the back of my card - did you do this? I imagine this will run the price up more. I use a local printer, but the cost of Vistaprint is worth checking into. Thanks for the info. Brenda Houston Just Ask Virtual Assistant Services www.justaskva.com www.bhouston@xplornet.com
  13. Hi, I use Xplornet and am happy with it. It was expensive to get the equipment, but the prices have come down considerably. I pay about $60.00 a month and can increase the speed anytime and of course increase the monthly bill. There is 24 hour support which is easy to access by phone. I haven't had a lot of problems and would recommend Xplornet. I live in the middle of nowhere so have access to nothing else. I think it would be worth looking into. Good Luck. Brenda Just Ask Virtual Assistant Services www.justaskva.com
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