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  1. Helle Fellow VAs, I have been away and I have missed a lot of great posts but now I am back and ready to work on my VA business again. I have heard so many VA say that they use Wordpress for their site and I have taken a look at and I am very confused, I heard about plugins and widgets, etc... to help create the site, that I am very confused is Wordpress.org for blogs or for blogs and sites and how to you customize the themes? Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Ivette
  2. Hello Ladies, I'm new to the VA business and I still don't understand all the abbreviations, what is the NAMS conference? Thanks . Ivette
  3. Hi Denise, I have been using Vyew. So far it's great it allows you to present all types of documents and share desktop and it has a feature that you can conference call too. Hope this helps. Ivette
  4. Hi Ladies, I think that Outlook has a feature that the owner can give you permission to view/edit both calendar and emails. I am still working full time and my manager has given me permission for both viewing and editing her calendar and receiving and sending emails. Hope this helps. Ivette
  5. I use Vyew. It's really good and the quality is very nice. You can upload power point presentations and do desk top sharing as well use a conference call number.
  6. Hi Debrah, Welcome, my name is Ivette Matos and I am a new va from Beacon, NY.
  7. Hi Dana, My name is Ivette Matos, I am in the process of opening my doors as a new va in Beacon, NY, I would love to participate in the get together. Below is my conact information: Email: ivette@excelvirtualservices.com Skype ID: excelvs Thanks. Ivette
  8. Hi Leslie, Welcome to the VA business. We are in the same boat, I'm a newbie at this too. I was wondering if you can help me. I have been struggling to get my facdebook page to load and I see that yours looks great, can you tell me how were you able to have it open to your page? Thanks very much. Ivette
  9. Hello there, I have been trying very hard to work with facebook and getting my page to open up but I am having major issues. If anyone is a wiz with facebook and is willing to help me, I would appreciate it a great deal. Thanks. Ivette
  10. Hello everyone, I just joined the VA Network because I just started by VA business. My name is: Ivette Matos My Business: Excel Virtual Services My Website: www.excelvirtualservices.com I hope to find great information here.
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