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  1. Thanks Tawnya ! I'm having a 3-day sale on my "Get More Coaching Clients with Online Marketing" Course, half off !! USD 197.00 instead of USD 397.00 http://www.quitchasingclients.com, good until Cyber Monday, midnight
  2. Hi Andrea, glad you found some new things in the presentation ;-) And I will have a look at DoNanza, thanks for sharing that !! Megan, you're welcome. Great idea about connecting with each other ! As I said, feel free to connect to me ;-)
  3. Hey all I look forward to seeing everyone on the call when I share my passion for LinkedIn with you and show you how to use this powerful tool to get you more leads & clients for your VA business ! Make sure you have your questions ready as I want this to be a very interactive webinar ! Looking forward to "seeing" you on Monday ! Sarah
  4. I've seen a recent trend happening on FB: there are more and more Fanpage Friday Days ! What is a Fanpage Friday ? One page hosts the event, and every one else can come visit, explain what they do and post the link to their page. Guaranteed you will see the number of "likes" increase on your page ! So I invite you to participate in those Friday events, and maybe even organize your own ! I've just hosted my very first one yesterday as well. I called it Social Spotlight Day. I know it's already Saturday, but you can still come over and post a link to your page or any other social network you would like to shine the spotlight on for a day ! Go to: http://www.socialspotlightday.com
  5. That's great, Jenny ! Next time why don't you announce it here too, so people can come join the party ! I've also hosted a "Social Spotlight Day" on my FB page, where people could put their social networks (FB, Twitter, Pinterest) etc. into the spotlight. Was also great fun & increased my visibility ! http://www.socialspotlightday.com
  6. This time instead of giving you a tip, I'd like to find out from YOU what you'd like me to talk about on this forum thread. What kind of information are you looking for? Is it general information about Social Media, or Networking, or is it Facebook, is it Twitter, is it answer to "How do I" questions... Please give me some feedback so I can make sure I meet your needs ! P.S. I could have used a poll, but I didn't just want "yes or no" answers...
  7. welcome to the club, Lynn ! Glad to have you. Hope to see you in the Social Media section of this forum some time :-)
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