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  1. I just downloaded the toolbar now and it's really cool! They cut off the AOL radio into Thailand just recently (bummer). So now I'm listening via the toolbar the VANA The wealth of info on this little gadget is amazing! I especially love the the VA Tools and VAs Globally all in one place. Thanks! Thanks!
  2. Hi... you may also find Non Disclosure & Service Agreement templates in Elance, help forum. Simply Search "Sample Contract". Here's the link http://help.elance.com/forums/30970/entries/34758. Just remove those sections not applicable for you. You may also want to develop your Welcome Packet for future clients. You normally send this out once they've signed up with you. Printing can be expensive so you may want to opt for the digital version. * Welcome & Thank you letter * Your Digital Brochure Your Business overview and what makes you different (include your USP) Detailed list of your Solutions/Services Testimonials from your happy clients Major Policies to align expectations upfront (delayed payments, operating/contact hours, etc). Free Brochure templates here (in word so easy to configure) http://www.hp.com/sbso/productivity/office...ntity-kits.html * Contract Copy * Small gift/ coupons Hope that helps. Shell
  3. Hi VAGirl ... You may want to try Zoho - they have a suite of collaboration tools. After a long search, i finally ended up using them. I also love Sharepoint but a lot of VAs find them a bit overkill. Other newer apps are just a bit too basic. I find HyperOffice feature rich but way too expensive for my Collaboration needs. Why you may consider Zoho: * They have Discussions, Project Management, Online Documents/Sheets/Notes/Calendars (beats google docs!), CRM, Invoicing, Meetings, etc. They are tags enabled. * You may share files to non-Zoho users. Access configuration is very flexible. * You may use your own url/domain too (ie. if you want to use it as your Client's intranet or for your own VA practice). Highly customizable and brandable. * Allows for Sharepoint integration. Integrates with Google gears so you can work offline too. * The application looks really sleek and yet feature rich! * Best of all.... FREE (ie. first 10 users). Beyond that, you pay $5. Still way below other apps! * You may want to try their ZOHO BUSINESS (at zoho.com) * I'm not affiliated with them. But i just love it that they are very start-up friendly (ie. Free). Excellent for VAs! Hope that helps. Shell Zaldivar
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