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  1. Hello Everyone... If you have a moment, please click on the following link to access my enewsletter that I sent out a couple of days ago to friends and family. I know this has been sent, but if I can get any critique on the content, any information that I might have missed, etc. That way I can improve on my second round of email blasts. Thanks in advance!! http://eepurl.com/LaQ9
  2. That's so wonderful to be able to work with/for your mom! Congratulations and I wish you all the best success in your career as a VA!!!
  3. Good Morning- Is this session available? Sorry, I'm still figuring the site out and will check out archives, but I just wanted to ask in case I'm looking in the wrong places. Thanks!
  4. Hi Judy- Welcome to VA...I'm a newbie myself to VA Networking. I'm in Grand Prairie but used to live in Carrollton. Wish you the best of luck in your business endeavor and your travels :-) Candy- Thanks for posting the information; I have joined IVAA (great network Judy) and looked at your site...can't wait for business to boom so that I can join your organization, thanks!
  5. Thank you ladies for the greetings... I am definitely having fun discovering and using all the resources. thanks!!
  6. My name is Sybel J. Flores... and I have finally started pursuing my dream of having my own business! I'm also in the midst of an epiphany: realizing that you can actually dream of being a VA without even knowing it. When I was younger I really enjoyed having everything organized, planning our international family vacations, helping my mom out with budgets as a teen, diving into Microsoft Office Access databases and enjoying many acount management responsibilities. Although it took me several years to realize that psychology was not the way to go I'm glad because I now have a true appreciation of what I enjoy and focus for my future! www.aventuravbs.com Click Here for an Overview of VA Solutions by Aventura VBS On a more personal note ~ I have just recently celebrated my first year of marriage to my wonderful husband on Aug 30th and we are now the proud "parents" of two pitbull puppies who are adorable and so loving! We currently reside in Dallas, TX. I was born in Puerto Rico (bilingual) and my family is also from Curacao. I enjoy the internet and all it has to offer, updating tons of personal and now professional social media. My family is uber important to me! I like watching movies and reading, especially if it has to do with medieval times. I love to travel more so to the Carribean than anywhere else, but I look forward to visiting Europe in the vey near future. I look forward to networking, making friends, boosting my business and LEARNING! P.S. I found VA Networking through Google Searches and I'm happy I did!
  7. Thank you Brent for the tip. I just downloaded (unfortunately, I was too excited to get onboard and I missed Tanya's post with the referral link Can't wait to get started on file sharing ...I wanted something for my computers at home and laptop and it works on my iphone!! Great. thanks!
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