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  1. I am far from an expert (just learning this stuff myself) but from what I've been told, you can't tell if it's working correctly or not until you actually publish that post. It doesn't work in the preview screen for some reason. If it's still goofed up once it's published you can always unpublish it. I hope that helps a little ...
  2. Thanks for the information about the free newsletter service. It looks very promising. I also use Kompozer (another open source HTML editor) and just like Dianna I put my text into the program and switch to the source to get the code. It's pretty simple that way. Cheryl
  3. I think that Skype would be your best bet. You can get an In-Skype phone number plus a yearly subscription for under $100 (USD). You should to to their site and check it out again. The worldwide subscription is only $12.95/mo. and that covers 40 countries. You might also check out Google Voice and see what they have available. There's also Vonage, but we had a falling out so I won't say anymore about them. If I think of anything else, I'll post it here for you. Cheryl
  4. Yes, post them here and I'll gladly add my two cents. Or maybe post a link to a survey you've created using SurveyMonkey or one of the other services so that you can keep track of everyone's answers in one place. I'm game!
  5. What are using to do your digital transcription. I use Express Scribe (it's free!) and I've been playing with VLC Pedal Software for the videos, but it doesn't allow you to adjust the speed of the video. Most of the time that's not a problem, but it can get annoying if you have a really fast speaker in the video. :-)
  6. Thanks! These calculators are really good. I have to sit down with my hubby and figure out what my rates really need to be!
  7. Thanks I'll go take a look. Pricing is my Achille's heel that I have to fix and pronto! BTW, I noticed that you are VA Social Media Certified. Are you a VAClassroom alumni? (I'm looking at their program and thought I might get an idea of how you liked the format). Thanks!
  8. SubmitYourArticle costs $47/mo. without a contract. Their website is www.submityourarticle.com. From what I've seen with my clients who are using it their traffic has increased dramatically even when they only use it for a short time. Article spinning software can be found all over the internet. I don't remember which one I tested (it was some time ago) but here's the Google search that I did that lists both free and paid:http://www.google.com/search?q=article+spinning+software+reviews&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&client=firefox-a&rlz=1R1WZPB_en___US359 Please let me know which one you like the best.
  9. Hi Joey, I've test-driven some standalone article spinners and systems and have found that they consistently deliver stilted versions of the original articles. I'm working with a client now that uses SubmitYourArticle and I really love the system. The revisions that it asks for allow you to make real changes and is creatively challenging. Although it isn't a quick to add all of the variations for the article, it's still a time-saver versus manually submitting to 100 different article submitting sites. I highly recommend SubmitYourArticle to anyone who is interested in increasing their (or their client's) Google footprint.
  10. Hi everyone. My name is Cheryl Henderson-Khalid. My website URL is www.kafellc.com, but if you want to learn more about me you can check out my blog at www.hs-wahm.com I have been in business for six years. Although I've been working from home for awhile, this year I'm finally working myself into a real niche. I'm getting a lot of transcription work, but what I am really interesting is expanding my social media marketing and writing skills. I live in a village in the Poconos called Bushkill, but I'm originally from NYC. I've been married for seven years. I have a two daughters (9 & 6) and one son (3). I homeschool my kids, like crafts, music, laughter, reading, computers, writing, um, pretty much anything. :-) I heard about you from my friend Mimi. I hope to make friends with others who are in the same profession. It's hard bouncing ideas off of people who really aren't quite sure what type of industry I'm in. I look forward to meeting everyone.
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