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  1. Thank you everyone! I really appreciate the kudos! Ra Shonda Congratulations Ra Shonda!
  2. Nice site! It is read easy and appears user-friendly! Ra Shonda Gibson RKM Business Services, Inc. www.rkmfamilyoffice.com
  3. Thank you everyone for the congrats everyone! I am so honored to receive VAccolade Business Entrepreneur Award. Great honor going into the New Year! Ra Shonda Gibson RKM Business Services, Inc. www.rkmfamilyoffice.com
  4. That is a great idea. We have been trying to figure out how to work it in... maybe before we get too many clients we should just make the switch. Thank you for your input!!!
  5. HI Fellow VAs! I would really appreciate some feedback. In our somewhat isolated worlds it is difficult to get that outside opinions of our work. Please take a looksee at my new website. We worked really hard to make it reflect the clientele we strive to obtain. I appreciate your candor! Thank you kindly Ra Shonda Gibson http://www.rkmfamilyoffice.com Try our Tailor Made Services today!
  6. On first look, you did a great job with your first site. Kudos to you! However, I would change the first link to HOME vs Independent Success. And you can still have your business name show up in the title bar. With any page your business name should appear in the title bar regardless the name of the page... check out my site to see what I am referring to... my business name is in the title bar. Well, it should be... let me know if it is not... (smile). I also just revamped my site and that was the reason for my visit here today... I was asking the same question as yourself. So maybe you can return the favor and check my site as well. http://www.rkmfamilyoffice.com Also, your picture on the HOME page is off-centered... the left border is off the page. Next to bottom of picture, drop the word "Business" to the next line... I almost missed it. Just my two cents. Also, you have several different font types (not referring to cursive versus non-cursive), but different font types such as Georgia to Courier for instance. Hope this helps and I hope you return the favor. Ra Shonda Gibson Business Manager RKM Business Services, Inc. Check out our Tailor Made Services http://www.rkmfamilyoffice.com Managing for Success... One Person At a Time!
  7. Hi All! I am Ra Shonda Gibson in Columbus, Ohio. My company's website is www.rkmfamilyoffice.com. We have been in business since 2004 however, it was difficult to determine what exactly I did ... Lifestyle Managers and Daily Money Managers is what we ultimately decided, but that only referenced individuals and families. But what about handling businesses... well, we are more than just bookkeepers and we handle admin work in our homes and office. Hmmm... then here it was... we are Virtual Assistants. Go figure! Lying right in front of our eyes all of this time. Nevertheless, we specialize in lifestyle management and daily money management services for individuals and families. In other words, we provide virtual assisting services to households. We also work with sole proprietors and small businesses doing the same thing... virtual assisting. We have a wide range of professionals that work with us to service our clients to the fullest. We are very grateful to them! We love to allow professionals to focus on what they do best... selling insurance, real estate, cleaning teeth, etc. and allow us to be their back office. It is what brings joy to our hearts and allows us to take care of our homes and families! Now that is what is important. My two lil ones... one daughter and a newborn son and of course the hubbie! And I want to be the Mommy and no one else! So no daycare. But ok for those who choose this route of course. I heard about vanetworking through International Virtual Assistant Association. I am excited to get to know you all! Ra Shonda
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