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  1. I am looking for a web designer and content writer with a professional attitude that knows what they are doing and completes a task in a professional manner. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. Hello, I need your expertise in Wordpress.I am trying to place an image that was copied from Google onto a page in a Wordpress site, though I can't get it placed where I need it to be. when I try to move it or copy and paste it reverts back to it's original place and then it places the URL into the above sentence. I also need to place a text box onto the page as well, the box has content in it, and is from a word doc. How do I change the font size on a few sentences. I do need to get the work completed to my client by the end of today. Thank you Jerri
  3. Danielle, Thank you. I'm looking for a Plugin for WP. Something that's easy to work with. I don't know coding.
  4. Hi, Can anyone recommend a easy to use, good form plugin? (don't know HTML and really do not want to learn it) My client is offering resume writing services and she wants interested clients to fill a form out as well pay for the services on the same form. She may want to add to it later. Is this possible? Oh and she uses Intuit for the payment gateway. Thank you
  5. Thanks Candy insight I didn't think of that side of it.
  6. does anyone know where I can find a "Per Project" proposal? Thank you
  7. Does anyone have a "per project" proposal they would like to share with me? Thank you
  8. I am going to start marketing again, though she is not my only client. Yes, Tawnya I agree. I finally did hear back from her since I e-mailed her. She really wants me to work with her and thanked my for my patient. I am still skeptical and keeping my eye on those red flags.
  9. HI Mena, Thank you. I agree. She made it sound so promising in the beginning then I too started to see red flags.
  10. Any input on this one. I'm really stuck and feeling
  11. I was hired as a subcontractor and signed the contract 2 months ago and have not started. The virtual business owner had told me there was clients waiting. When I e-mail her it takes her a few days to a week to get back to me, I have been following up with her a few times since I signed the contract. The last e-mail I received from was was to ask me how I would go about marketing to clients. I feel first that she was phishing and she gave me the impression that she already had these clients waiting in the wings. She also said in the beginning she wants me to takes this on by myself which I told her that was fine. Well here I'm waiting for 2 months to forward the clients to me, after she does her processing with them. Any ideas on how to go about this. I was to torked to respond to her rite then and there. Help!
  12. Yes, it does limit our privacy. Though I use my cell phone for business and my address I'm really don't remember why I didn't get a PO Box.
  13. Just for the heck of it I googled my name and was horrified to see all that came up. Anyone can see where I live, my address, phone# etc. This is very scary especially with the psychos out there. Does anyone know how I can get "ALL" my information off the net.
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