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  1. Hey guys, There are a bunch of posts for you to check out over at the VAnetworking.com blog. The blog is targeted to potential clients of VAs, so it will be great for your business if you weigh in by commenting with your thoughts. If someone likes what you have to say, they might check out your website and become your next client. Check it out!
  2. I've already started this movement myself, but a group will be good. My "regime" = gym 4 x per week and clean eating which means basically eating foods as close to their natural state as possible (whole grains, sea salt, nuts, fruits and veg, lean meats, etc.). And also drinking 3 liters of water per day. If I can do this with a one year old, a three year old and a 40 hour work week, I dare you to make excuses
  3. Hi you blogamaniacs. I have a client with their main business blog on a WordPress platform. He also has several Blogger blogs which are still being visited even though there hasn't been fresh content for years. He wants me to start adding some content from the WP blog to the other blogs. What's the best way to do this? If I copy and paste, will that be a duplicate content issue he could be penalized for? Is it best to summarize a post and link back to the WP blog? What are your thoughts on this? Thanks!!
  4. I follow up on releases I send to local media outlets. Often a follow up email is enough to put you back on the radar screen.
  5. That first client just paves the way for more! I don't know if it's because it gives you more confidence, more experience, or more referrals, but whatever it is...things will pick up from here. Congratulations!
  6. Hi Caroline In my agreement it says that I'll pay my Associate VAs before the 15th of the month. Often I pay as soon as I'm invoiced, but this clause helps in crunch times. I don't have rules about other types of work, but I haven't needed such a rule to date. Ultimately it's your business so you might want to write in some clauses or conditions to protect yourself. To help prevent managing an insane workload, I hired a project manager who liaises with my clients and my VAs, completely removing me from that role. Hope that helps!
  7. I'm kind of like Kylie. I am great at finding clients, so I like to share the love. However, I do sub for other VAs as well. I think it's great. If I can help, I'm happy to do it.
  8. Thanks Kyli, I guess another question is whether the free sites can actually harm your rankings. Should you only use paid sites so the quality of your incoming links are from higher quality sites? If you can afford paid ones (again, unlimited budget in mind) should you bypass free ones all together?
  9. Hey guys If you had a huge marketing budget, money is not an issue, and you want to submit a press release every couple of weeks... Do you post to the paid sites or the free ones...or both? Is there a huge benefit to the paid ones as far as SEO goes?
  10. Judging by my office, I wouldn't want to work with myself. Depending on the day, of course. I don't think it would prove anything, really. I agree with the others.
  11. I do have policies in place. Why can't my clients follow them though?
  12. Wow, an hour or two? That's awesome. Thanks everyone for your help. This is why I love VANetworking.com
  13. Hey everyone, I searched and searched and couldn't find a good place to post this, so here goes. I need to set up an ebay store for a client that owns a very small used clothing store. They sell lots of vintage stuff and name brand clothing, so ebay seems to make sense for them. Has anyone set up an ebay store before? I have no idea what it entails or how much time to estimate this taking. I have no idea how many items they plan to auction off, but I really don't even know where to start. I have bought and sold on ebay before, but have never looked at setting up a store. Anyone have any words of wisdom?! Thanks
  14. "Weld" writing with marketing for more happily ever afters.
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