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  1. I follow up on releases I send to local media outlets. Often a follow up email is enough to put you back on the radar screen.
  2. That first client just paves the way for more! I don't know if it's because it gives you more confidence, more experience, or more referrals, but whatever it is...things will pick up from here. Congratulations!
  3. Now we know which one will be the party room. So much for booking early! Man...
  4. I'm not sure it's going to help.... but I'll be driving by Pearson at around that time, if I don't get stuck in traffic as usual! What time do you land? Around 2:30, I believe. I wouldn't want to put anyone out, I just want to get the most out of this trip as I can. Sitting in a cab for a half hour when I could be chatting with a fellow VA seems like a royal waste of time.
  5. Is there anyone else flying into Pearson between 2-3pm on Friday? It would be cool to share a cab or a limo to the hotel.
  6. Thanks very much, Cheryl! Luckily, I have received payment from this client so I don't have to charge interest this time, but this is great info for the future. I hate GST!
  7. Yes, I have to charge interest on the past due balance, but I'm wondering which counts as the balance! The amount before or after our federal tax of 5%. Am I even making this clear?! I haven't slept in like three days. Does it even matter?! So tired....help me pray that my child sleeps for more than an hour at one stretch tonight!
  8. Hi everyone I have never had to do this before, but I have a client that has not paid me. His invoice is a month over due, and I need to charge a 10% interest fee. My question is, do I apply this to the subtotal before GST, or on the total after GST has been calculated? So clueless about bookkeeping. Thank you!
  9. Hmmmm...I charge GST to my Canadian clients, but not my American clients. In PEI, I don't have to charge PST. If this is a Canadian VA, she's probably used to paying GST and PST. If it's an American one, I don't believe they can be charged those taxes...am I wrong about that?
  10. Readership is a measly 2.2 million... http://www.nationwideadvertising.com/enmag.html Good job, Tawnya!!!
  11. So I got my first new client as a result of the article! It's a really cool ongoing project that will be of a marketing/copywriting nature. Pretty exciting! Persistence really pays off when it comes to the press.
  12. Tawnya I do attribute a lot to the VAC. If nothing else, the investment motivated me to succeed. I still keep my notes on my desk from when I was first starting to work through the kit and it makes me laugh, how my goals were so low! I can't wait to give you a big hug at FoVA...Mom.
  13. Thanks Darrell - makes it much more impressive. I know, Angela, isn't that just awesome?!
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