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  1. I have arthritis in my neck and shoulder area after a fall on the ice several years ago. One of the things my physical therapist recommended was using a foot rest while on the computer to help support the core area. Another thing I do, which really seems to help, is a yoga routine created by Chaz at Yogamazing podcasts specifically for your neck and shoulders. You can do it sitting down or standing up; I tend to do it 4 or 5 times a week if I am having a bad work week or it is really cold out; two things that really seem to bother me. I also wear mock turtlenecks and have a warm scarf handy at all times.
  2. Wish I could make it this year. If it works out will you be doing it again next year?
  3. I know this probably doesn't answer your question but I'm thinking that this is something that Excel could do. You could have a custom menu that links to a different workbook for each client so that they have their own password to get in. Your PM would have to keep each page updated but you probably have to do that with your time tracker anyway.
  4. I thought this one looked interesting. http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/d5-corporate-lite
  5. Thanks for the responses; lots of things to think about. Right now he is limited to Facebook but I know there are a few more things in the works. Will check out Hootsuite in the next week or so.
  6. Hi everyone, I have had someone offer to mentor me in managing social media and I'm looking to get a better understanding of how different people view this. This isn't something that I do for myself at the moment; I know myself though and know that my strengths in this regard would be building and managing the spreadsheets that would track the different campaigns, posts, etc. I guess my question is; do you manage your own social media, and if not, do you use someone (or something) that keeps track of everything for you? I'm trying to figure out if there is even a need for someone like me... Thanks in advance, Dawn
  7. Cathy, I did a little research; I don't know if this will help you or not but here is a YouTube video on how to install and start using the NexGen plugin.
  8. Your banner looks very nice. I can help you with the reply portion... haven't used NexGen yet so wouldn't want to steer you wrong. For the reply; open the page you want to remove it from. In the upper right hand corner click on screen options. Make sure that discussion is checked; check it if it isn't. Now scroll down past your content area and you should see an area that says discussion. Uncheck the box for leave a comment. That should do it.
  9. Maybe write a simple Macro that runs that Query after you enter the email address.
  10. You can run a "Find Duplicates" query in Access. Click on the "create" tab, then click "Query Wizard" and select "Find Duplicates Query Wizard". Chose the table that your list is in and select the email field. Make sure that you move that field into the duplicate-value field before clicking next. Name the query something that tells you what it does because you will be able to run the query again if needed after the list is updated, etc...something like qryDuplicateEmailAddresses. You could also run an "unmatched" query and add that list to your database instead. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions... I love playing Access.
  11. For the small amount that I have needed I use Adobe Fireworks.
  12. By packaging you mean "I will do such and such for this amount of $$$"... not a certain amount of hours at such and such an amount???
  13. Right now I code and design from scratch. I will "re-use" navbars or the general layout on occasion and then tweak as necessary. I'm taking a Wordpress.org class at the moment so that could change in the next few months.
  14. Dropbox can be "customized" so that there are folders that are shared with just certain people. So they could set up a separate folder for each client and that client could in turn set up other folders that they wanted to share with others.
  15. At this point completely html and a little php. I might learn Wordpress at some point but like building the pages from scratch.
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