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  1. Wish I could make it this year. If it works out will you be doing it again next year?
  2. Where are you in New York? I'm upstate; northeast of Albany.
  3. It looks great. Here are a few things that I would change. On the first line... They need administrative... 2nd paragraph; 3rd line should be you are, or you're... not your. If you haven't run spellcheck you will catch this one when you do... way down near the bottom several is spelled wrong. Same paragraph near the end... just makes sense. I think it sounds very professional; I only hope I can do half as well when the time comes to do mine.
  4. When you use logmein (or any of the programs like that) do you need to have the software that you will be logging into physically installed on your computer? If so; how do you usually handle that with the client? Thanks in advance,
  5. Thanks Janine, That does help. I plan on getting Quick books after the holiday (maybe that will be my present to myself) I have also done a/p the way that Candy mentioned. We had a clearing account, blank check stock, and a MICR toner cartridge. All the different companies were stored in the computer and we just picked the one that we wanted to use. I still like the idea of online banking; it does depend on what the customer wants though. Thanks again ladies,
  6. Hi Pat, I like that idea. Thanks for responding so quickly.
  7. Hi everyone, I was curious how you handle checkruns when doing a/p for a client. I am just starting out and trying to get as much as possible worked out in my head (and on paper) before "opening the doors". I am wondering if I need to get a laser printer so that I can print the checks, or do I send them an open a/p list, and they print their own checks? I am thinking that it probably depends on what the client wants to do. If you do print checks for them; do you get a certain amount of blank checks at a time, do you have a clearing account where you print the checks and they reimburse you for the total amount of the checkrun, or do you do something else entirely? I would love to hear what works and what doesn't from everyone. Thanks in advance, Dawn
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