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  1. Thank you Tawnya it took a long time, but it seems like it is going to be worth it. This is a great network to be a part of as well and the other VA's are really helpful and inspiring.
  2. I liked your website it was easy to navigate I enjoyed the slideshow effect when you clicked on each individual link that was nice. It did load slow for me as well (Google Chrome) but I am like sfrazier43 I wanted to see it so I waited for it to load i'm glad I did because overall you did a great job. Good Luck
  3. Thanks Danielle I have not heard of VAvirtuosos, but I am eager to find out more so I will be going to the link you provided to get a better idea.
  4. Thank You Clydene it has been hard but I have the drive to make it successful.
  5. My name is Tikia Foat I have been a member since 2009 and since then I have been researching all I could about becoming a Virtual Assistant. I finally took the first step by creating a website to put my business and skills out there. My website is www.zealousva.com I just started my business literally but I have over 10 years experience in the skills I offer. My Virtual Business is based on General Administrative skills I want to learn more skills so I can offer more to potential clients. I live in Rockford, IL, US I am not married, I have 4 children 2 girls and a set of Identical twin boys. My girls are 11 and 4 my boys are 2 months old. I enjoy gaming on my android ( I love Candy Crush Saga & Pet Rescue Saga). I heard about the VA Network by doing a Google search and found this site really does offer valuable information for someone like me. Tikia Foat www.zealousva.com
  6. Hi Tawnya I just wanted to say that I have so many sites in my inbox with thousands of plr content, but it is hard to choose just one or two to use. I also only seem to find articles on or about affiliate marketing or dieting and etc, but none about Virtual Assistants or what it is that we do. I guess I am probably so new to online things that i am making it hard for myself. I have been waiting for a post on this topic I thought of creating my own. Basically I want to know if you only use PLR's if you are into marketing? Thank You
  7. Thank you actually I am not very great with the whole color thing but I will work on that. I had thoughts of paying someone to just create my website over for me then decided not to because it is great to experience with things like this so I just have to keep adding or changing things as I go and when someone asks me who created my website I can be proud to say I did it myself. I love all the feedback from everyone.
  8. Congratulations on the start of your new business. I had the same question, but I also don't know the questions to ask in the survey as to find out if a Virtual Assistant would benefit the company's needs. I know I didn't help your question, but hopefully someone on the forums can help the both of us
  9. Thank you that was some great advice especially since I am still really trying to figure out the pricing thing on my retainers.
  10. I like your site it is nice and I love how everything (almost everything) is in pdf form so they can download or save it and I like the way your blog is on the website as well. The contact form is great. All in all it is a wonderful site. Did you do it yourself? I think after looking at your site I need to upgrade a little or a lot. I just don't know how to get certain things on my site yet like the twitter and the blogs I am still looking for ways to make it better, but the research and the work is quite a task. Thanks for the input on my site as well.
  11. Great I still had the red line under it saying the word was spelled wrong I just forgot to go back and correct the spelling. Thank you again.
  12. Thank you I appreciate the advice I will be changing it today.
  13. sorry for that here it is again http://independentsuccess.web.officelive.com
  14. Hi everyone I just finished my website and I am looking for people to review it and see if it needs something extra. I would love as much feedback as possible this is my first time building a site and I know how helpful this forum is so I thought you would be able to help me. Thank you. independentsuccess.web.officelive.com
  15. For all the VA's who have websites or not just yet sites and want to add a privacy policy i found a very nice website that does them for you and it offers a free trial the site is www.professionalprivacypolicy.com it is rather nice. I had read a article of Tawnya's somewhere on the net that stated the 5 pages every website should have and a privacy policy was one of them so I decided that I would add one to my own page.
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