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  1. Cool! - I love winning prizes. thank you very much
  2. Good luck Brenda and hopefully we can meet on the road someday!!! Judytx
  3. Hi Candy, I live in Carrollton, which is a suburb 20 minutes north of Dallas. Looked at your website and would love to talk with you more as accounting is what I have been in for the last 20 years and was the niche I was going for. Would love to talk with Donnette as well - my email address is jnb1959@gmail.com
  4. Hello. I'm Judy and have worked many years in corporate America . Three years ago I was unemployed for a few months and was able to pickup some part time work from the house and fell in love with it. Kept the bills paid but no extra income, so I returned to the office but have been wanting to go back ever since. I LOVE to travel and have always wanted to one day sell my home and go rving around the country. Hopefully wth a lot of hard work and a good plan I will be able to make this happen even sooner. Open to all advice and suggestions!!! :-) Thank you for your time Judy
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