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  1. I have learned so much this week and THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!!! Such hard work was put into this and the benefits we got are just amazing. This weekend I'm working on my site ~ http://pamallenonline.com/ Nothing on it now but I also got my FB/Twitter ready! I need this and looking forward to my future as a VA! Thanks Pam
  2. Thanks for the Welcome Danielle! I live on the outskirts on Oakland- Emeryville (smaller town).
  3. Hi Pamela~ Thanks for posting a Hi back! I'm learning so much from this VAVS- I don't get back in time to catch the 3 oclock session until 355- today my son tried to take notes for me- love him but don't understand anything he wrote down but hey he tried and it was a surprise. Congrats on winning that at the end of todays session- lucky! I would love to stay in connect and strategize- I need that! My FB/Twitter are more for my mom blog but I do have all other SM outlets in place just nothing on them right now. email is pamallen68@gmail.com ~Pam
  4. That would be awesome Tawnya~ I'll be traveling up there at the end of July- my mom takes my kids for 3 weeks. I would love to meet you! I'm super excited on how much I'm learning at this conference! Thank you so much.
  5. I'm also enjoying all the info that has been presented. I've had to miss couple sessions (boo hiss) due to being the only parent around this week- hubby is off training in Canada (be back Fri-whoohoo). I wish I could have been a GOLD member but next time for sure!!! All the sessions I've been on have been awesome and I appreciate all the hard work everyone has put in to making this happen. Looking forward to DAY 3-5!! Pam @pinkmama68
  6. Your Name: Pam Allen Your Website URL (if applicable): Nothing is on it yet~ http://pamallenonline.com Years in Business: just starting out Description of your Business, including any specialties: I'm wanting to start up as a Virtual Assistant- with Social Media as my main feature. On a more personal note: What City/Town/State/Country are you from?: I was born and raised in Bellingham WA but I live in Oakland, California. Are you married? How long?: Yes, Married for almost 7 yrs but together 14 yrs Any kids and how old? I have a 23yr old, 11 yr old, and 9 yrs old. Hobbies & Interests: Dancing, Sewing and of course Social Media!! How did you hear about us? i.e. Google search (what keywords did you search?), article in magazine (name of mag?), word of mouth (who?), etc. I signed up today from the VAV conference.
  7. I'm from Bellingham (not anymore- Bay Area now). Love Tulalip Casino LOL! Good luck Pamela!
  8. Hello Everyone~ I very excited to be here and I see I have my work cut out for me with all the great information on this site. I have a quick question because I have a meeting tomorrow that I need to address some concerns with a company that I do social networking for~ I've just recently (9 months ago) started working for a man who hired me to do Internet marketing for him as an independent contractor. I will be filing as a sole proprietor and paying taxes on what his company has paid me. I do his twitter updates, facebook and some blog entries. I bill him every month. He is considering hiring me to do customer service and application process which would require me to be able to log into his website and work from the dashboard-approving applications and answering customer questions. His concern is it legal for a independent contractor to work on his website. He thinks he will be penalized from the IRS because he is supplying the website. He wanted me to become a corporation but financially I can't afford that. I work from home and in a different state than he is. Can you give me some guidance if an independent contractor would legally be able to work on his website for him. I make $XX.XX doing this a month even though I would charge more to do more projects but I would rather like to stay as a sole proprietor. Any advice will help. Thank you so much!
  9. Your Name: Pam Allen Your Website URL (if applicable): none yet Years in Business: just starting out Description of your Business, including any specialties: I work for one company now doing twitter, facebook and blog writing. What City/Town/State/Country are you from?: Oakland, CA Are you married? How long?: Yes 3yrs but we've been together for 11 yrs Any kids and how old? 19, 8, and 6 going on 16 Hobbies & Interests: Networking w/other moms, sewing, crafts, and my kids. For marketing purposes please let us know: How did you hear about us? Google search
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