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  1. Good morning fellow VA's and Happy 2010!!! I just finished, well it's still a work in progress, my website. I am looking for any and all critics, ideas, opinions. Anything to make the site even better. I am still tweaking it a bit and would greatly appreciate any feedback of any kind from fellow VA's. Thank you very much!! Here is the link. http://www.slcvirtualofficepro.web.officel...om/default.aspx
  2. Hello fellow VA's! My name is Shannon and I am the owner (and currently only staff) of a new VA company called SLC Virtual Office Pro. I am a US citizen who has relocated to Canada to be with my new husband who is serving in the Canadian military. I have about 18 years of experience in the office support world, having worked my way up from a front desk clerk at a hotel to an accounting specialist and training analyst for a Fortune 100 company. Now, with the support of my family, I am ready (and extremely excited) to start my own VA business from home. The most difficult obstacle I have been encountering is finding VA work here in Canada. If anyone here has any ideas, advice or a point in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. The VA world is such an exciting one and I think we are all lucky to be on the forefront of something that is going to just keep growing. Thanks for having a support site such as this one!
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