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  1. Yikes - $2K! Glad your son was able to get it back! They did have that "little extra clause" in there when I bought the product but I was EXTRA CAREFUL not to check it! So I have no clue...maybe something got screwed up in the shopping cart, etc. I understand mistakes happen. It's just the fact that they answered my messages and said they would take care of the charges and refund them. And then again when i contacted them they said "They had been refunded but they take 7 to 10 days to refund. And obviously they never got refunded and now they will not reply to any of my messages, emails, calls, etc. Just feel helpless :-) And stick with an extra $600 bill :S
  2. Thanks for the support! Just needed to vent as I was extremely frustrated! haha! I will obviously be careful who to purchase things from in the 'online' world from now on. Just because people claim they are experts, etc doesn't mean they are haha And I just canceled my card and got a new # ... didn't wanna deal with this again. I am working with my cc company to get the charges reversed but the other company is claiming I purchased something I did not.....crazy crazy! ;-)
  3. Sorry everyone...I need to rant about 2 people who are selling templates, services, etc online. I bought a template package from them back in May for $47. That's all I bought....nothing else. They then charged my credit card mid/end of June for $198 two times for NOTHING. I Never purchased anything else. Then they just did it in October again for another $198. AHHHHHH so frustrating. I now have to go through the whole process with Visa, etc....cancel my card. Just needed to rant as I have tried to contact them numerous times by email, website forms, phone and NO REPLY. Has anyone else had this happen to them before?
  4. Hi everyone, I have a client who has asked if I can set up their Clickbank affiliate program with one of his products. I have never set up one in Clickbank before and I was wondering if anyone has a set of procedures they would be willing to share if you have done this before? Thanks!
  5. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the feedback. It is specific to this one client and I do not have any other clients that would want the service/I don't think I would be using it for other clients. I really appreciate your suggestions!
  6. Does anyone know anything about Brad Callen's Article Submitter? >> http://articlesubmitter.imwishlist.com/ My client had another girl working on this project who no longer wants to continue because she feels this software is putting her computer at risk of viruses, extra spam emails, etc. It needs to be installed on the users computer and I want to ensure I am informed before I decide to take on this project! Thank you, Jenna
  7. Hi everyone, Looking for a bit of advice. I have a client who is currently using GoToWebinar (which I am familiar with and have worked with quite a bit). However, they are looking to possibly change to Adobe Connect Pro (not sure the reasons) and I have never used this system before. She has asked me if I know anything about the Adobe Connect Pro platform and I will tell her no. However, she has asked if I would be willing to invest on my own to learn how to be their "Technology Lifeguard" using this platform. She believes I can download a free 30 day trial but I am not sure if she means me spend the time unpaid to learn the program for her business, etc. Any thoughts on how I can tactfully address this question? Thanks, Jenna
  8. Hi everyone, I am taking over a client from another VA who is no longer offering VA services and is closing down their business. I was subcontracting social media work for this VA and she recommended to the clients that I continue the social media work and take on the other tasks as well. So it is a completely separate working relationship now where myself and the client are working together. I have requested that the new client sign a contract. She has said she didn't sign a contract with the previous VA that she worked with for 2 years so is this really necessary? >> Any suggestions on how to respond? I have never had anyone bat an eye at signing a contract for services. Especially when it lays out that either party can terminate the contract with 30 days notice. Also, she is requesting that I charge her per hour for social media work based on what I was charging as a sub-contractor. In previous conversations and right upfront after she was told that the other VA would no longer be offering services I told her my hourly rate right upfront. She agreed and only now after I have asked her to sign a contract is she requesting a 'mid-tier price per hour'. How do I explain that my sub-contracting rates and my client hourly rates are different and that my hourly rate is not negotiable (if that makes sense!)?! Thanks! Jenna
  9. Thank you Tawnya for such a great week and putting together such a wonderful speaker list! These seminars blew me away and I am excited to start implementing a variety of the ideas and strategies into my own business! It was also great to hang out with all the VA's and see some new faces! Let's all keep in touch and push each other to be the best we can in our own business! Cheers, Jenna Nash http://www.vabusinesspartner.com http://www.twitter.com/Jenna_Nash
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