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  1. Interesting, I was wondering this myself. When I start working I plan to be available (sometimes) for some local clients (if I get any). But if I'm not considering myself a VA what would I be? The word "temp" just gives me chills. I don't like it. Freelancer would be ok, but are there multi-freelancers? That just is really vague
  2. I have had fun watching this post. You ladies have so much great advice to give, so... I'm gonna try to pry for some more. I think my original question was maybe misunderstood. I love this forum, and there is SO much information; on top of that we have the wonderful WWW containing seemingly endless amounts of information. I know that I tend to over-think (a lot) and I'm sure the answer to this question is different for everyone, I'm really just curious... How long did you all spend seriously researching, and developing a business plan?
  3. GEEZ! I could go on, and on, and on about how much I love my iPhone Here are some of my favorites Pandora Box = I'm pretty sure it is still a free app, but it gives you the newest & price dropped apps. I usually only get the free apps so I love that they give you the option to view just free or paid. AppReview = again, should still be free. This one will show you the top rated apps. RedBox and Mint = If you don't know what they are; you won't want these apps, oh and free Google = also free, great for google docs & apps. A voice activated google search feature that is pretty cool too. Of course, eBay & Craigs list. Your bank may have an app too. I love being able to login and check my accounts, transfer money and pay bills while on the go, or just cuz I don't feel like tuning on my computer, or getting off the couch. ConvertFrree = free app, converts Volume, Distance, Time, Temp, Area, and Weight USA Today, Google Earth, Dictionary.com(ever needed to look something up when your not at home? It has a thesaurus and a word of the day) iPlanet, free app, kinda dumb but also kinda cool, I recommend everyone get it, mostly for contributing purposes. Urbanspoon = free app, fun for trying to figure out where you want to go out to eat. VoiceBoxDial, Zell+Shop, Dragon Search & Dragon Dictation = both free, Speech to text apps White Pages & Yellow Pages = free, never pay for information calls again! BillMinder Cheap Gas The Weather Channel Pandora = Free, I've heard others say they love it, I have it, but really never use it. Worth checking out SoundHound & Shazam = free apps for music id iTranslate = free app, hardly ever use, but it has come in handy from time to time. Great one to keep for those just in case circumstances Well there is the tip of the iceberg. I hope you love your iPhone
  4. LOL, That gave me a good laugh, Thanks I know what you mean, maybe if I can refrain from laughing long enough I'll give it a try
  5. Here is a question in a question. I was sitting here wondering IF I should ask what I should do when I have something I want to post, but I'm not sure if it is a . I don't think it is, but then again; I can see how it could be, but it's really harmless... Well this lead me to start thinking about some co-workers I had once. These girls would verbalize that they didn't know what they were doing with a job responsibility, but they would not ask the people that could clear up the confusion. Instead they worked through it, and accomplished something. Now that something might have turned out favorably, but sometimes I had to clean up the mess later. Ok, so that is different from me. I will give the issue a fair amount of consideration before I decide if I feel that it would be way more productive to just ask. Consequently, I have often wondered if I tend to ask too many questions, and don't make "executive decisions" when I should or could. Sometimes it feels like a double standard. Have any of you ever have this kind of problem with clients? I know the old "no question is a stupid question", but lets face it: I know sometimes it doesn't feel like it! I also like making "executive decisions". I don't like to step on toes, but on that rare occasion I know it has happened to me. What are your thoughts?
  6. I am interested in getting into some affiliate programs, Has anyone had experience pursuing products that do not have programs set up? I am not sure how to go about contacting a companies to see if they would be interested and if so, how to set them up.
  7. Stephanie, From your list I liked Absolute Administrative Services. I also like Judy's advise. I am trying to come up with a biz name myself. I am considering a non descriptive name to allow me to grow/change my biz in any direction I choose. At least that was my initial thought. I don't know what anyone else thinks about that, but I don't think its all bad to keep it unspecific.
  8. Hi Ladies, Thank you so much for your input! Tawnya, a special thanks to you for always having the answers to ease my mind! Hopfully someday I will be able to afford to pay you back for that
  9. I am having a blast with planning my business. I have done countless hours of research, and there is soo much information! So how do you ever find all the great stuff, that makes life easier? You know the stuff that isn't a waste of time, and money... I figure you all have your favorite software, hardware, other companies (ie. Vistaprint), phone options, fax options... whatever eles; the list is too long So lets hear it... What stuff do you love?
  10. I realized I did an oops in vocab here! The question I was trying to ask is more about subcontracting. I want to be able to offer my clients the moon and the stars, but obviously I can't do everything. Is there anything I should watch out for when subcontracting? Are there common mistakes or ethical no-no's?
  11. Is there anything I should worry about as far as things like insurance or bonding? Oh yeah and are there any rules and/or ethical issues about outsourcing?
  12. I am curious how long it took you to get your business from the start of planning to open for business? I am still in my planning stage so any tips are most definatly welcome, and appreciated.
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