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  1. Inkscape is a good open source alternative for Illustrator. However since she is a student you could always purchase an educational version of Illustrator.
  2. Jashaka is a great open source option.
  3. This is a great list! I use many of the programs on it and they are wonderful.
  4. Darrell, I am still "here" at least virtually. I have been in virtual assisting since 1998. I went FT in 2003 and by 2004 was capping the amount of time I would spend in any forum. I suppose that is a result of working hard all day and just wanting to spend time with my family after 5. I rarely use the term VA anymore. I work with several clients who use our services for marketing/branding and I do not feel that it is an appropriate reference to the services we provide. However, best of luck to all the men who are making their way in a world dominated by women! The shoe is now on the other foot!
  5. In the start up of any VA business there are multiple ways to get started marketing yourself. Having a defined niche and target market ( TM ) are key to effective marketing. (If you don't know your USP and who it can help, you may just spin your wheels.) These are key factors in getting your business noticed. Although once you define the niche and TM, you still have the challenge of marketing to your TM. So it is best to get as many of their demographics as you can, so that you can answer the questions of, where do they meet (online and offline), what do they read (for possible adverts), where do they live (local or international goegraphy), what are their spending habits, etc. Once those items are defined, make a decision to market to them in a venue that they are likely to see you. Mail-outs can be effective if they are targeted, but can be costly. You might be able to join an association where your TM meets and begin to contribute your expertise. Again, without specifics, any idea is nebulous and can just be a shot in the dark. Congrats on the Start Up of your new business!
  6. I agree with Terry. 1ShoppingCart is the best solution, but it is more expensive than AWeber, which would be my second choice. For a while Constant Contact was one of the best, but they are so blacklisted, it is rediculous. For distribution, you can start out with EzEzine.com. They have a free account for a limited number of sends per month. For a free solution for the autoresponders look at SendFree.com or SmartAutoResponder.com. HTH
  7. If anyone is having difficulty with their elevator speech, you might want to contact Michelle Zambos-Duerksen. Aside from being an excellent bookkeeper for VAs (affordably, I might add), she also has a tool to help you come up with a great elevator speech. (She did a ton of research corporately to comprise this tool.) And, she has a plethera of valuable insight, to boot.
  8. Pricing is difficult when starting out. Use the sheet in the last post to get the ball rolling. Sometimes, it helps to talk through this with a VA who can help guide you, too. Find one that you trust or at least respect, who will give you their honest opinion. Tell them what you do (niche) and who your potentials (Target Market) are. This should get you going. I also agree that you should not undersell yourself. It doesn't help you and you might find that the less you charge the less you are respected by your TM.
  9. It's been a while since dropping in. But I saw the Happy Birth-day posts and wanted to offer my best wishes to both of you, too. I'd sing, but I think your birth-day would be better if I didn't..
  10. I know that GoDaddy and Yahoo stay about the same. Although, Yahoo was offering some deep discounts. On average, you should not have to pay more than $10 for a domain name.
  11. Hello, Welcome aboard! You need to start networking with your target market. You said you already had all of the essentials (or will once the site is done). Find out how and where your target market gets together "online or offline" and get in the mix! With the materials that you prepared with your target market in mind, you should not have a difficult time adding up the benefits that you provide based on your materials. If you really nailed your marketing verbiage on all of your materials, they should get what you can do for them post-haste. Best of luck!
  12. I remember when my parents got us the Atari game system. It had like four games that came with it. Now, I'm going to be 33, but I still remember my mom playing her 8 track of "Three Dog Night". How about record players?
  13. This tool has been so awesome for me, because I am color-blind. (I can tell colors apart if they are primary colors but not if they are variations or shades of colors.) I have Red/Blue and Green/Blue color-blindness. I guess that I was hit with both sticks
  14. Welcome to the group. Make sure that you peruse the archives for some great information.
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