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  1. Thank you Marco. But I find a big differences between the U.S. and Spanish markets.
  2. Hello Danielle, Thank you, it works perfectly the way the video shows.
  3. Hello Danielle, No, I really follow The Virtual Assistant since 2013 and receive since then emails with newsletters, I do not know why now is when it actually seems that I have entered the community. I can not even download the 10 Free Resources for Virtual Assistants, because the system tells me that my email is already registered. When I introduced myself in the forum, that's when I saw the facebook group and then I did request my entry.
  4. Thank you, Tawnya, but the merit isn't all mine, to go faster I use a translator and then I check if it's correct.
  5. Thank you very much, Tawnya, for the warm welcome. English is not my language, so I may sometimes express myself incorrectly in this language.
  6. Hi everyone! I´m Delia. I am Spanish and I live in Spain, Alicante. I run a small business center and I have some clients who have hired me to bring their activity, as a vitual assistant, that's why I have long since found VA. It fascinates me to see the great community that you are and how widespread this type of work is in your country. Thank you so much for accepting me here and I´m looking forward to learning from all of you and give you my help if I can be of any use to you. Best regards.
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