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  1. The other day I got a call from a fellow Chamber member who was interested in having me come to her office and do some filing and data entry for 5 hours a month, with a little bit more to start as she is behind. I agreed to it even though I typically do not work onsite. I told her my rate and she asked me to come in today. When I got there she drops the bomb on me that my rate is a bit high based on what all the other assistants are getting in their office. I explained to her that it is a standard rate that I researched well before setting it and that I supply everything and normally do not work onsite. She then told me that she would like me to come on board as an employee for $5.00 less an hour! I told her that I didn't know if that was the best move for my business and I would get back to her. Now the message I got from her is that she wants to negotiate her own rate and terms of employment totally bypassing my business standards. How would you handle this and what are your thoughts on this situation?
  2. Hi everyone I have two clients (one is a realtor and the other has a spa) and i need some widgets or resources to add to their facebook pages. Does anyone know of any cool apps or a place where I can find apps for these two clients? I have been to app bistro and a couple other places but I haven't found anything that stands out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi Emmylou! Welcome to the board. Nice to see another Prairie girl among us! Best of luck to you!
  4. Patty,the client that has yet to pay me is a local client. As I mentioned before I even contracted to the same company as she did for three years, thought I had a good working relationship and now this. I don't think proximity has a lot to do with it unless you go right to their house and get the money. If they don't want to pay they won't. I'm considering further action if she doesn't pay soon.
  5. I'm having issues with a client paying right now as well. I like Tawnya's way of doing pre-paid retainers. The client I'm currently dealing with is with holding payment because of a disputed invoice which I explained to her as soon as she asked. She is just playing games now and making me wait because she doesn't like the amount at the bottom of the invoice. I did the work, gave her the explaination she asked for now she is avoiding the issue. Had I taken a deposit or retainer amount maybe she would be a little more co-operative, I don't know but she was someone I knew from a previous employer and (thought) I had a good relationship with. At any rate pre-paying is something I will be looking at going forward.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I was just curious as to what everyone else has done.
  7. So I have some clients that want to pay me using my business name. In order to do this I have to have a business account to cash the cheques. In order to have a business account I have to be registered. That costs anywhere from $100-$400. So I am caught betweena rock and a hard place. Did any of you register your company as LTD or incorporated?
  8. I had the Beta Version of 2010 and loved it! I tried to upgrade my 2007 to 2010 online through the microsoft website like I was supposed to be able to do when it came out, and I have had nothing but grief doing so. Anyone else have this problem?
  9. Hi Carol We are doing the same thing where I live here in AB for small business week. Our chamber is putting on a trade show for the mixer for small business week so I reserved a table. Hopefully that will draw people in to me. The Chamber is also putting on a number of lunches and other events so I plan on attending them as well. Check and see if your Chamber is doing any of this. As long as you are there, people will talk to you.
  10. Thanks Tawnya! My plan was to email it to prospective clients. I also thought about posting it on my website. This version will probably never see the light of day. A newer version with more slides will be the one I circulate. The reason I thought to do this is simple. Where I live, is such a fast paced lifestyle that most business owners won't see cold callers and most mail out advertising never gets past the administrators recycle bin. I know that if someone is going through their email chances are that they will take time to click on a link and watch a two minute video on youtube while they go through their other emails or eat lunch at their desk. Best of all for me is that it doesn't cost anything to do and they get an idea as to who I am. If they like me they will work with me right? Then if they have questions or want to book a consultation they can just hit 'reply'. Hopefully it is effective. If not I will dream up another way to get them to notice me
  11. Hi everyone I made a rough copy of a promo video today for my business. I hope to use it to help explain what we do and also promote my business. I only have one slide at this point (still learning) but will add more as I go. Tell me what you think so far. Thanks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6R6wgqTqrcs
  12. 1) How did you become a virtual assistant? I discovered the V.A. Industry on the internet. I had many years of experience as an administrative professional more recently working in contract positions because of recession driven budget cuts. I used the resources I had in my home such as my computer, fax, printer,scanner etc to set up my business then I utilized the contacts I have in the industry to find clients. 2) What type of education and experiences did you have that prepared you for this position? I have courses in computers and admin but most of my skills are self taught or on the job experience. 3) What personal qualities are necessary in order to be successful? You need to have strong interpersonal skills and you need to be driven in order to succeed. 4) Where is your workspace located? What equipment do you have? What software do you use? My workspace is in my home. I use a computer, fax, scanner, printer, phones etc. My software is Windows 7, Office 2010, and Quickbooks 2010. 5) What do you find most challenging about your work? Educating clients that are not familiar with this industry. 6) What tips would you give a potential virtual assistant? Research, research, reseach. Utilize all the free information that websites like VAnetworking has to offer. They did the hard work and paved the way for us. Trust what they have to say. Get to know other VA's. Participate in forums like this. Join a Chamber of Commerce. Do not be afraid to tell people what you do. 7) What are you primary skills and rate you level of confidence? I have a very versitile skillset. My level of confidence in these skills is very high simply because I would not offer them as services if I wasn't confident in my ability. 8) What are your fees? What does your fees not cover? My fees vary depending on the needs of the client. I offer several packages that vary in price as well as an hourly fee of $30.00/hr. I do not charge for preparation of the project or for invoicing time. I only charge for the time I work on the project.
  13. I worked for four years as a temp. The last assignment I had lasted 3 years. In that time part of my role was to do the monthly budgeting and forecasting. They paid me $20.40 an hour and the temp agency charged them $30.00 an hour for me. All the temp agency did was process my payroll and most of the time they screwed that up too. They made almost $1600.00 a month off of me for doing next to nothing. The company I worked for still had to supply me with a desk, a printer, a computer, office supplies etc. I'm sure in the end I cost them a lot more than $30.00 an hour. My point is that I could walk in there as a freelancer, charge them the same amount and still save them money by supplying my own overhead. I'd actually make more money and they'd pay less. So thats why I think a virtual assistant is a better choice for any company.
  14. Try this site. It might have what you are looking for. http://www.royaltyfreemusic.com
  15. That sounds great Dianna, I went out this morning, started at a trucking company that I knew was looking for someone and then proceeded to cold call the rest of the morning. It went really well. I went to one place that had all the lights on but the door was locked. I continued on down the street and a guy came to the door called down the street to me and asked if I still needed to come in. I gave him my brochure, asked him if he was familiar with the Virtual Assistant industry. He said no so that gave me the chance to explain what I do. In that conversation he revealed that they will be looking for someone on a casual basis....Then I was able to discuss their needs and show them how I can be the right person to help out. The co-odinator is supposed to call me so hopefully it will work out.
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