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  1. Is anyone familiar with the Interior Design Industry specific accounting software, Design Manager? I have a client that is looking for some help with it. Any insight is welcome! Thanks, Tiffany tiffany@loneorange.com
  2. I want to appear professional when I'm at workshops and networking meetings so I'd like to get myself a couple of namebadges with my logo and my name. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good vendor? I only want to buy 3 or 4 of the same one (so I have them around in case I lose one:). Any thoughts would be great! Thanks
  3. Hi CelticNotes, I too live in St. Louis and am just starting my VA business. I'm looking for other VAs in St. Louis to network with, any interest? Best wishes and you get started! Tiffany
  4. Hi all, I'm Tiffany Hoeckelman and I'm new to the VA world. I'm seriously considering starting a VA and graphic design business. I'm burned out in my current position and am looking for a new challenge. I think this is right up my alley. I am currently in the information gathering, planning and dreaming stages of my business. My husband of nearly two years and I live in St. Louis City. We don't have children yet, but hope to soon (another motivator to start a homebased business). I have a degree in Graphic Design but have spent the last 13 years running various small non-profit/businesses along with some freelance design work. I'm excited about the opportunity to merge the two areas of my career into something that I love... and make money doing it! I'm very much looking forward to learning from all your wisdom and experience in this field. I heard about Virtual Assistant Networking from a google search by searching "virtual assistant, forum" Warmest Regards! Tiffany H
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