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  1. I'm in the St Louis, Missouri area (actually about 1 hour NW of St Louis in New Haven) - anyone also in the St Louis area? I would love to organize a meetup.
  2. I have had clients ask me to fill out a W9. As most of my clients pay me more than the $600 per year minimum, a W9 from me would be required so they can claim the money they paid me as a deduction on their taxes.
  3. I'm in Missouri - so not close to you, but still midwest.
  4. I steer clear of all things bookkeeping. Not my thing at all! So can't help you there. But have to ask, if you don't already know bookkeeping, why are you wanting to start? Not all VA's do bookkeeping, so wasn't sure you just wanted to; or thought all VA's had to offer bookkeeping.
  5. Awesome! Thanks for the heads-up Candy. BTW: I think someone could work full-time just finding all the new and cool tools out there. There's a LOT of them.
  6. Do you have the export file? If so, can you import that into quickbooks and/or re-import them back into 1SC?
  7. Yeah, we just use Quickbooks online for my business. I do NOT offer bookkeeping services. I can't stand bookkeeping, my husband handles all that.
  8. We use the QuickBooks online version. It seemed easier to do, don't have to worry about upgrading anything and we can access it remotely, if needed.
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