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  1. I also have a few clients in the health & fitness niche. I didn't set out to focus on that particular niche, my focus was on offering technical services, but the health & fitness niche found me. LOL
  2. StudioPress has at least one or two Realtor themes that do what you need.
  3. I generally use OptimizePress v2 for landing pages; but have been using LeadPages some too. Because most of my clients use Wordpress, the above two options are what we currently use; but I do know HTML/CSS and hand coding a page is also an option, just not one I use much these days.
  4. I'm in the St Louis, Missouri area (actually about 1 hour NW of St Louis in New Haven) - anyone also in the St Louis area? I would love to organize a meetup.
  5. @auroramuse - you can also check out the RFP's submitted here at VANetworking to see who is looking for a VA. Most VA sites, this one included, have a Job Board. Try looking there. I own a multi-VA firm, and just submitted a RFP looking for at least 1 (possibly 2) new subcontractor VA's to add to my team. If you are a technical VA, then look for my RFP (once it gets posted), or message me here on forum. I don't generally offer admin type VA services, I am a technical muti-VA firm.
  6. Yep, most of my clients are on retainer packages that are automatically billed every month. I also set a limit on hours, because without that, you end up working a ton for peanuts. Like Tawnya stated, I do not carry over hours. The retainer is a discount over my normal hourly rate. I do not take on a retainer client without: us first having worked together on a project (to make sure we work well together). I have clients buy a block of time - up front - and we work on a project together. If that goes well, then they can move on to becoming a regular, going retainer client; but many aren't ready, and prefer to just continue buying blocks of time, as needed. That works too. knowing that they need going help. Not all business owners are at the point in their business where they need regular ongoing help, or they aren't at the point they can afford it. Those two criteria assure me that this client is ready and willing to have a VA come in to help.
  7. Same here, then there's the new "shiny object" they want to buy that we have to learn. LOL I also know Kajabi and Ontraport, Volusion, etc.... Always something new on the horizon.
  8. LOL I hear ya. These days I'm neck deep into Infusionsoft campaign funnels, along with Premium Web Cart, OptimizePress, OptimizeMember... as well as Wishlist and 1SC!
  9. By regular letter, I assume you mean a regular broadcast email you would send to your list(s) in Aweber.... an email broadcast is you manually formatting and sending the email to those whom you choose from the lists you have created in Aweber. A blog broadcast, is an automated process to send out your blog posts you've published for the week (or whatever time frame you choose) out to your lists. So one is a manual process and the other automated (once you have it setup). The pros of setting up a blog broadcast: 1. It is automatically sending out an email to your list(s), sharing a snippet of your latest published blog posts, which will then send the traffic to your web site. This is a good thing! 2. As long as you regularly publish blog posts on your site, your are constantly keeping your web site name/URL in front of your subscribers, and you're making it easy for them to re-visit your site and consume your content, without expecting them to remember to visit your site to look for content. And since some of the biggest RSS feed readers have closed down - relying only on a RSS feed to display your new content isn't as reliable as it maybe once was. I recommend sending out a blog broadcast once per week. Email broadcasts, or newsletters, I usually reserve for more topic specific, or time sensitive, content. Also, email broadcasts, in my opinion, are where you build the relationship and connection with your subscribers, because you are contacting them with a purpose and goal (or you should be) to the email content. Your perspective, voice, etc.,,. should be from the standpoint of these people are already "IN" my circle as they have chosen to subscribe to what you are publishing (vs a blog post on your site, which is public) - so a next stage of a relationship.
  10. I know this is an older thread - but it goes hand-in-hand with another recently re-activated thread..... Most of my retainer clients are on automated monthly recurring billing - either via credit card or PayPal. The money automatically comes into my account each month, and their receipt is their invoice. Because we had an upfront agreement that they get X amount of hours monthly, for X amount of money that will be automatically charged to them and taken out of their PayPal/Credit Card each month.... they don't need a reminder, as we have an agreement. For a couple clients: I do invoice them monthly, because they are not setup on an automated billing system, and they pay from that; or I have one who mails a check monthly.
  11. It's really up to you to decide how much of a discount, from your normal hourly rate, you want to give for blocks of time and/or retainers. First, decide what your hourly rate is. You are a business owner, so you decide that. Same with retainers - you decide what you will get paid, and the clients either accept your rate, or they don't. Do NOT lower your rate just to appease a client!! You don't go into the an auto mechanics shop and tell him what you're willing to pay for an engine rebuild, do you? Of course not! You pay what they charge - or you go elsewhere. That's business. I can tell you this, under-charging for your services is a very bad road to go down for two reasons: 1. You are working just as many hours as anyone else doing the exact same work - you're just getting paid less. 2. Low prices does not equal value in the eyes of every client. Many wouldn't even consider hiring you, because they already know what industry standard rates are, and if you are far below that - then it can come across as you lack confidence in your abilities. It's a "you get what you pay for" kinda thing.
  12. Yes, all of my blocks are time are for a set amount of time for that block. You can decide for yourself if you want to offer blocks of 5 hours, 10 hours, 15 hours, etc.... My monthly retainer clients also have a limit on the amount of time I will work for that retainer, and if I exceed the amount of hours allotted in their retainer, they are billed for the overage hours.
  13. Hi Shonna VANetworking is an awesome resource, and place to connect! I have found another VA to assist me in my business (Whew!) I know that we can't lump all VA's under one umbrella; but I have had more than my share of ones that just disappear. Thankfully, not everyone is like that. I personally don't do as much VA work these days, as I'm a certified Online Business Manager and my business model leans more toward the management side of things and also consulting. I have a knack/gift for problem solving, i.e. fixing those stupid technical issues that businesses encounter that can really put a kink in their profit making. Tech issues like broken sales funnels, carts and funnels setup improperly, etc... I have coined the phrase (and made it my tag line) for my problem solving as: "I Technically Fix Stupid". So that's really my niche.
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