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  1. Wow, this really made me think! Great question, thanks!
  2. Thanks Dana and Tawnya... your words are encouraging and helpful. I am seriously considering the VAmotiVAtors... thanks!
  3. So I haven't been on here in a few days, and I have not done SOMETHING for my business every day this week. My goal was to do at least ONE thing a day that get's me closer to "punching out" for good at my corporate gig - but I have been swamped with spring break for my son. We have had a great week together, so I am going to try to not feel guitly about being MIA to this site and my budding business.... I am just so antsy to "get going". My job is frustrating me more and more each day, now that I have "seen the light". I knew my job frustrated me a LITTLE BIT before I knew that I wanted to run my own VA business, but without knowing what I wanted to do - it was easier to settle into the grind of that life. NOW that I know there is something out there that LIGHTS MY FIRE - I want it!!!!! (like a kid in a candy store, I guess!) Having to be patient is KILLLLLING me But, I did put pen to paper and have hashed out my first outline of my business plan - which includes my goals and objectives. With those in place, I feel better knowing I have a "to-do" list to check off of. Back to the grind on Monday, and here's to hoping I can get this all together on a tighter time line than I originally gave myself So - nothing real specific here....just some random thoughts in my head. Have a great weekend everyone!
  4. Quick question... If you operate as a Sole Proprietorship - is your title Owner, President, CEO; or something else that I haven't thought of? Thanks!!!
  5. Tawnya, This is great advice (no surprise!)....Thank you! And as far as helping tackle any PowerPoint needs you may have, I would love to help out! If there is something specific you are looking for, I can easily make it happen. If you are looking for someone to use thier "creative juices" I can help with that too. Let me know, and I would be more than happy to help out. I don't have a website yet, so my email is just regular web mail for now. But feel free to contact me (alabamaVA@gmail.com), and I will happily assist! Thanks for all of your wisdom:)
  6. As I continue to contimplate EVERYTHING about my budding business, I find I must be true to myself - as that is what you all say - "Do what you love". So what I LOVE is PowerPoints. I love creating them, researching for them, and editing them after feedback has been recieved. I love the whole process, and am passionate about POWERPOINTS (dork, I know!). I am great/good on all the basic "admin" tasks, and wont mind adding that to my list of "things I do". Question is - will I be crazy to base my my lifeline on PowerPoints? If I incorporate the word "PowerPoint" into my business name, is that okay? I guess what I am saying is, I'd like to be the "guru" when it comes to PowerPoints, is that something to hang my hat on?
  7. Marie, Thank you... I really want to get it, and was sure that it was probably an excellent resource. I am trying to get $1000 quickly I just wanted to stop in and say "have Fun!" on your last Friday in the grind of the corporate world.... on to new adventures ~Dianne
  8. Yes, it includes a Supercharge VAinsider Club membership for one full year. AND, all VAC alumni can always get the VAinsider Club at 50% discount for a lifetime. Wow! Thanks for the answer, AND the great offer!!! Now I have to go find stuff around the house to sell....hmmmm....
  9. Not sure if this is okay to ask in here or not, but if I buy the VAC does that include insider status? And if so, for how long and at what level? Thanks! Hopefully I am not wrong in asking here
  10. Wow! Thanks for sharing, I like to read your thought process. It's empowering
  11. Dana and Candy - I feel so honored that you voiced your thoughts! I have been reading a lot from each of you, and am finding your words around the site very informational and inspiring...Thanks! Jenny - thank you for weighing in! I am going to visit your site now and read up on you
  12. Now this is very interesting... I was thinking that my niche should be an industry, and that I should develop my business based on what I can offer them. But what you are saying makes sense. I guess, what I was thinking after reading the marketing forum posts was that I shouldn't market to EVERYONE, and that I need to find my niche of who I was marketing to. But are you saying, that if I pick, say the top 3 things I excel at, and market my skills that the industry/potential clients that need those skills will find me? Or is a little bit of both? Maybe, I should define my strong skills - and then figure out who I should mainly market to after that? Sorry I am all over the place on this! And to everyone else that is chming in - I SOOO apprecaite it! This is great
  13. i am just starting outas a VA and going back and reading any and everything on this wonderful site:) i made it to this forum, and as i am reading everything i finally can say 'hey- i know how to do that!' about pretty much everything in here (much unlike the bookeeping forum;) lol). so, since i am still searching for my niche and who i think my potential clients are - i am wondering what kind of clients do the pros in this forum have? what industry needs these services? i aooreciate any tips you have!
  14. this is absolutely amazing and inspirational! i was so excited to keep reading everything you wrote- please keep us updated, b/c im hooked on your story! i am inspired by your leaving the FT corp world...i am debating asking my boss if i can go to PT first, then continue weening off. you gave me a lot to think about
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