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  1. Hello. I would be able to meet as well however, everyone seems so far away from me. I'm Southern NJ - 10 minutes from Philly. 1. What day of the week would be best for you to go to a meet-up? Monday through Thursday 2. What time of day would be best for you? Late morning 3. What county do you live in? Camden 4. Do you think it would be best to schedule 1 meet-up for all of us in NJ or should we break it up into a north and a south NJ meet-up? I wish we could all meet up but it doesn't seem likely. Break it up. Please keep me informed. Lynn
  2. Hello NJ VAs. I would love to meet up as well but I'm down in Camden County. Half way would be great if possible. Lynn
  3. Yes, please take time to fill this out. It will be so valuable to the VA industry. So far we have had little participation which is disappointing as we went through so much work here to put this together. The answers are the future to articles that will be written about us by editors and media...don't forget! My goal is 1,000 participants. So far I think we have about 50 (Patty, correct me if I'm wrong here and lets keep a running total). PLEASE SUPPORT THIS SURVEY on the VA industry! (I even pulled together about $100 worth of ebooks and special reports for you for participating...don't miss out!) Thanks, Tanwya Tanwya - I filled out the survey but was unable to download the free goodies. Can you please send me the link again. Thank you, Lynn
  4. Hello All!! My business is still in the start-up phase but I love the ideas that Terri put out there. Although, I've never been to a VA conference before so I'm not sure I'm qualified to give an opinion at this point.
  5. Hello all! I'm a newbie so I would love to sit down w/ you ladies and pick your brains. I would be able to attend the Mt. Laurel get-together.
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