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  1. Welcome Danielle! I'm sure you'll find VAN to be a wealth of useful information as you take the plunge I look forward to your contributions and wish you all the best.
  2. I'm trying to get more comfortable with sharing my ideas, no matter how "stupid" they sound to me..... maybe one of these will get the wheels turning for someone else Your international administrative voice Your administrative avenue to international success The international language of success Let us translate your success Good luck!!
  3. Rebecca, It sounds like a very busy time for you, no wonder you've fallen off the radar. We're very glad you've found your way back and look forward to your contributions here. All my best in balancing things in the mean time, having a support husband makes it all the easier
  4. Welcome Sheeba! The great thing about owning a VA business is that it's as flexible as you need it to be. What are you going back to University for? I look forward to your contributions here and wish you all my best
  5. Very sorry to hear of your loss. You and yours are in my prayers!
  6. Welcome I worked as a VA for quite a while before knowing that's what I was too! I look forward to your contributions and wish you continued success...
  7. Welcome Poolean! As I'm sure you can see already this is an incredibly supportive group and we're glad that you joined us.... I look forward to your posts here and wish you all the best
  8. I too got bounced around quite a bit as a child, and am ohhhhhhh so thankful to have put down roots now. When I bought this place I managed a relocation company so I had a full scale professional move at cost and took advantage of every service we offered. I was just thinking the other day how much of a pain it will be if I ever decide to move again, especially since I've taken a liking to all the items movers hate to handle LOL! I'm sure you'll find something to your liking, and it's nice that you have time. As long as you're closer to the school the kids should be happy and it'll make your life that much easier too.... Not that you don't already know this, but they say moving is the third most stressful event you can be faced with, it comes in behind the death of a loved one and divorce..... I don't know about you, but for me divorce was a cake walk compared to moving The cruise will be a great way to bond leading up to the stressful event and I'm sure you'll have the incredible time you so much deserve.
  9. I'll be curious to see the responses to this too It took the closure of the corporation I worked for to motivate me to venture out on my own so I can't contribute as this wasn't a luxury afford me....... I can say that in five months time I reached an income level that was tolerable. I'm still not where I'd like to be, but a lot of that is do to recent changes in my personal life.
  10. Welcome Kirstie! Congrats on your son, and what will hopefully be a successful career! You've found a wonderful site, there's a great sense of community here and a wealth of information. I encourage you to spend some time viewing the archives as questions you didn't even realize you should be asking are answered there. If you do have any lingering and a search won't find you an answer though speak up. We're all more than happy to help out! All my best
  11. Kamillah, I'm glad you've taken the plunge and stopped lurking about. While playing sponge and soaking up all this forum has to offer you'll find participating to be equally addictive. Did you recant your pledge of $1,000? Congrats on your first client and I'm sure you'll be gaining more soon!
  12. Hi Debra! Welcome to VAN You'll find rather quickly that this site is not only a wealth of information, but great support as well. I too am sure you'll be able to stay home full time before you know it. I look forward to your contributions here and hope that this can be as fulfilling a career for you as it has proved to be for so many others. All my best!
  13. Welcome Lannie! As others have said this is a great community with a wealth of information for the taking. I look forward to your contributions here and wish you all my best!
  14. I have a client that wants to order some two pocket portfolio folders with her company logo etc. on the front. She's looking for a small quantity ie. 100 or less. I can order 100 of them from 48 hour print, but wanted to see if anybody had any other suggestions, or if there were any huge warning flags I should be aware of here. Thanks in advance for your help
  15. Sandi, I really can't put words to this as I can't even begin to comprehend what you're going through. Know that we're all here for you and will hold you in and yours in our thoughts.
  16. Very nice Laura! It's packed with information suited to your readers and is very aesthetically appealing.
  17. Congrats Sharon! I'll keep my eyes open for you in this new capacity
  18. Very well deserved Ros!! Not only do you have a great USP, but I'm thankful you're a member here as you routinely bring a smile to my face with your whitty responses and ability to find the humor in most anything, especially your own peril.
  19. I signed up for your VA newsletter. I noticed that the small business newsletter has a typo in the information section. It starts out "Areat" pretty sure this should be "A great" I look forward to the first issue!
  20. Congrats Connor! It looks like a fun sport, though it would be a little unnerving as a mom. Sending them to public school in the states seems more dangerous now days though so I wouldn't let it panic me to much. Has to be a welcome relief to have someone else footing the bill as I'm sure that equipment isn't cheap it never is. All my best
  21. All my best as you celebrate your special day ladies
  22. Very well put Lisa. I too utilize a contract in these scenarios.
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